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Beretta Announces North American Launch of the Beretta SL3 Premium Shotgun

Beretta is pleased to announce the North American consumer launch of our premium shotgun, the Beretta SL3. The launch event will take place in New York City on November 8th.
Marking the first time that this gun will be shown publicly in North America, the upcoming launch event will be broadcasted live on Beretta’s dedicated SL3 product reveal web page starting at 7 pm EST. Viewers can watch the unveiling and ask Beretta team members about our newest premium shotgun platform when they tune in at
The Beretta SL3 blends traditional gun-making techniques with modern technological innovation to create an aesthetically beautiful shotgun that can withstand intensive use in the field. 
With an elegant and reliable boxlock system, the new Beretta SL3 platform is engineered with a unique action barrel locking system that ensures that the opening and closing of the gun will remain smooth and effortless over time. 
Equipped with Optima Bore HP barrels made with Beretta Steelium technology, this premium shotgun has been specifically designed to provide excellent patterns with every type of shot. The Beretta SL3 features a distinctive firing mechanism that utilizes the hammer leaf spring used in our medal winning competition shotguns for faster trigger pulls. 
The rounded and fluid design of the Beretta SL3 receiver emphasizes the flowing profile and graceful looks of the gun and improves target acquisition. The unique shape of the top lever has been crafted to match the elegant lines of the top of the receiver. 
The engravings on the Beretta SL3 are an evolutionary achievement made possible through the development of a cutting-edge technological process, developed within Beretta, a 5-axes laser system. Designed to deliver what has been impossible: the ability to cover rounded surfaces with unprecedented continuity of pattern and stunning accuracy in design. Our master engravers and our innovation lab put their experience to work and delivered timeless engravings with a touch of modernity.
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