687 Silver Pigeon III

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    687 Silver Pigeon III

    The Silver Pigeon III is the mid-range offering of the Silver Pigeon line, featuring extensive and detailed engraving while being very attractively priced. Like all shotguns in the line, it handles like a dream, it is durable and accurate, and it offers the unmistakable looks and feel of a Beretta.

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687 Silver Pigeon III: Premium Looks, Features, Value

The Silver Pigeon III over-under hunting shotgun is the mid-level offering of the Beretta Silver Pigeon line. It has all the benefits of the Silver Pigeon I plus more extensive game engraving and a stock oval for the owner’s initials, while not featuring the gold inlays of the Silver Pigeon V. Weighing only about 7 lbs, it handles wonderfully as a game gun while not being too light for a long session at the clay range. It is available in 12 and 20 gauge, or in 28 gauge with a petite scaled frame.


Natural Pointability, Swing

The Silver Pigeon is built on the legendary 687 action, a long-standing favorite among hunters and competitive shooters. It features two conical locking lugs at mid-action, right between the barrels, giving it great locking strength and durability while keeping the action’s profile considerably lower. The advantage is that the eye of the shooter is a lot closer to the plane of his supporting hand, resulting in a considerably better swing and hand-eye coordination.


Tough, Accurate Barrels

Available with 26” or 28” barrels, the Silver Pigeon III is a shotgun designed to last several lifetimes in spite of its lightness and fast handling. The chrome-moly cold-hammer forged barrels of the Silver Pigeon III are designed to take the punishment of heavy hunting loads without compromising in shot pattern and durability. Also, the forcing cone is elongated to provide less shot deformation and recoil, while the MobilChoke system is further designed to resist stress and ensure durability.

Great Looks, Finish

Something that never fails to impress about the Silver Pigeon III are its premium looks. The game scene on the receiver is rich and full of artistic details, while the trigger guard and top lever are embellished with a tasteful scroll. The select walnut stock features a super-crisp checkering pattern that affords a positive grip while further enhancing the elegance of this shotgun. And the perfect proportions and unmistakable Beretta lines won’t fail to turn heads at the range, even from a distance.

Model Code Model MSRP Action Barrel Length Gauge
J6871K8 687 Silver Pigeon III USD 3425.00 MCF 28" 28
J6871K6 687 Silver Pigeon III USD 3425.00 MCF 26" 28
J6871J8 687 Silver Pigeon III USD 3425.00 MCF 28" 20
J6871J6 687 Silver Pigeon III USD 3425.00 MCF 26" 20
J6871G8 687 Silver Pigeon III USD 3425.00 MCF 28" 12
J6871G6 687 Silver Pigeon III USD 3425.00 MCF 26" 12
Barrel length (cm) 67/71/7667/71/7667/7167/71
Barrel length (in) 26/28/3026/28/3026/2826/28
Chamber (mm) 76767076
Chamber (in) 3"3"2" 3/43"
Gauge 122028.410
Lylium YYNN
Rib 6x66x66x66x6

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