92 G


92G: Decocker-Only Tactical Pistol

The Beretta 92G is a decocker-only version of the 92FS tactical and military pistol.


Many tactical training experts favor this version for duty or “condition 2” carry: in the holster, the 92G is decocked and always ready for use--the first round is double-action, while the subsequent shots are single-action. Upon reholstering, simply activate the decocking lever and the pistol is again ready for quick use when you need it. Super-safe against accidental firing, the 92G retains all the legendary qualities of the 92FS, including 3-dot sights, high-capacity magazine, superior accuracy out of the box and more.

Hammer-decocking-leverReady for Use in a Split Second

Decocker-only means that in the 92G, the slide-mounted lever (safety-decocker in the 92FS) only decocks the hammer. Different tactical shooters demand different features, and some who carry concealed or for duty feel the need for a double-action semiautomatic pistol that only features the decocker without manual safety. This is especially the case if the handgun is part of a system that includes--for instance--striker-fired pistols, which traditionally lack a safety lever. In this manner, shooters may employ a single training routine without worrying about introducing additional motions such as disengaging the safety before firing. With the 92G, tactical shooters who favor a lightning-quick unholster-point routine that does not involve any other actions have the answer to their wishes.

Absolutely Safe for Concealed Carryopen-slide-design

The 92G features two built-in safety features that make it absolutely secure to carry concealed or on duty. One is an internal rotating-striker mechanism, while the other is a vault-safe firing pin block. Combined, these two safety features physically prevent the firing pin from coming into contact with the live round in the chamber, no matter the circumstances--including if the pistol is dropped hammer-first on hard cement. Simply put, the only way in which the firing pin can strike the primer is if the trigger is pulled. While this is true of all 92-series pistols, it is especially relevant for the 92G, because it grants absolute peace of mind while carrying.


AccuracyFull-Featured Beretta 92

In all other respects besides the decocker-only feature, the 92G offers shooters all the benefits of the celebrated 92 family. These include an open-slide design that greatly minimizes feeding and ejection problems (such as stove-piping) regardless of the ammo used, a cold-hammer forged barrel that gives superior accuracy out of the box, aggressively-checkered grips and backstrap for positive hold, and tool-free disassembly for easy maintenance. In all, the 92G is a fantastic addition to the 92 family, and one that will please the most discriminating tactical shooters who demand the most out of their pistol.

Model Code Model MSRP Action Barrel length Caliber Round Rounds
J92G300M 92g USD 675.00 DA/SA 4,9 in 9 mm 15
J92G300 92g USD 675.00 DA/SA 4,9 in 9 mm 10
Action Single/Double
Barrel length (mm) 125
Barrel length (in) 4.9
Caliber 9x19
Magazine 15
Overall height (mm) 137
Overall height (in) 5.4
Overall length (mm) 217
Overall length (in) 8.5
Overall width (mm) 38
Overall width (in) 1.5
Sight radius (in) 6.1
Sight radius (mm) 155
Weight unloaded (g) 945
Weight unloaded (OZ) 33.3

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1. External Hammer

The rounded external hammer of the 92G offers all the advantages of a visible hammer, plus a sleek and snag-free profile.

2. 15 RND Capacity

3. Decocking Only

While the lever only decocks the mechanism, the 92G still retains 2 safety features including the rotating striker mechanism and the firing pin block.

4. 3 Dot Sights

The 92G comes equipped with a 3-dot sighting system, which is possibly the most used and trusted by tactical and military shooters.

5. Open Slide Design

The advantages of the open slide design of the 92G are many. Besides shaving weight from the slide, it is legendary for its reliability, virtually eliminating many problems such as stove-piping.

6. Non-Reflective Black Bruniton

The Bruniton finish on the 92G offers two great advantages: it is durable, corrosion- and sweat-resistant, while not reflecting light even under a bright, scorching sun.

7. Red Loaded Chamber Indicator

This is yet another safety feature making the 92G a favorite among tactical and combat pistol shooters: a color-coded indicator reliably shows whether the chamber is loaded.

8. Ambidextrous Decocking

The decocking lever of the 92G is fully ambidextrous. Besides enabling easy use by right- and left-handed shooters, this features makes it possible to operate the control in different ways and under different tactical situations, such as during unholstering.

9. Disassembly Latch

The 92G features an easy-to-operate disassembly latch, enabling easy field-stripping without any tools.

10. Combat Trigger Guard

The trigger guard of the 92G has been carefully developed optimized for combat and tactical shooting; it ergonomically supports the off-hand no matter the shooting style or combat stance.

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