Haley Dunn


Shooting has been a big part of Haley Dunn’s life for a very long time. Her father opened a sporting range when she was 10, and she was off like a shot. She is currently a Master Class Shooter and Director of Operations at Gold Medal Shooting Academy.

We’re proud to say that Haley has been with Beretta for more than a decade. She shoots our DT-11 and an A400 Xcel in her disciplines of choice: International Skeet, Sporting Clays, and FITASC. 

Haley won the World Cup Finals in UAE in 2005 and the Ladies FITASC Nationals in 2012. She aspires to become National Ladies Sporting Champion, to compete and win in the 2016 Olympics.

Haley currently resides in Texas, and besides living shooting, she also enjoys hunting, fishing, archery, and golf.