Brad Simms


Brady Simms has been shooting a Beretta since the beginning of his shooting career six years ago.  Moving up the ranks quickly, Brady is currently a Master class shooter.  He is a 5x All American team member. He is currently a sophomore at Lindenwood University, St. Charles MO. where he is the team captain of the most prestigious shooting program in the nation.  Lindenwood Shotgun sports team is a ten time national championship shotgun sports team.  

During the two years at Lindenwood Brady has won a national championship in the Men’s Collegiate Division and served as a member of Lindenwood’s 5 stand national champion team, sporting clay national champion team and won an ACUI Flurry competition which earned money for his university.

Brady only shoots with his Beretta Silver Pigeon IV or his Beretta 692In the six years of shooting, Brady has been coached by Bruce Ney and Anthony Matarese, Jr.  

When he’s not out west at school he can usually be found either hanging out with friends in PA or practicing at South Fork Preserve, Felton, DE.