Ethan Smith


Ethan Smith, or “Skeeter”, as he likes to be called, is a new generation shooter, using our new generation shotguns. Skeeter, appropriately enough, shoots sporting clays using a Beretta A400 Xcel and an A400 Xtreme. Living in Ohio, Skeeter has been shooting in his own backyard since he was 7, Skeeter most enjoys 5 Stand. He was runner-up on the Champions Tour 2013, and hopes to be Captain of the Junior TEAM USA sporting as a Sub Junior.

Coming from a very outdoor-loving family, Skeeter enjoys fishing, riding, playing guitar, and “just being a good ole boy.” He’s definitely a good ole boy, and a good shooter as well. Skeeter’s favorite shoot is “Nationals because the targets are great and the lay of the land is cool”. He has trained with our own Diane Sorantino, and admires her consistently positive attitude. We agree, Skeeter, and think you picked a great role model.