Special Discounts for Active and Former Military

About the American Military Program

Beretta recognizes the importance of supporting and assisting U.S. Military personnel.  This program allows active Beretta BDT American Military Programand former service members to purchase up to two new Beretta Px4 Storm, Cx4 Storm, 90 series or Nano pistols per calendar year from any dealer and receive a $50 rebate (per firearm) directly from Beretta.

Offer valid for firearm purchased from January 1st to December 31st, 2014.

For a Pistol/Carbine Purchase to qualify under this program, the following instructions must be followed:

1) Submit a copy of the appropriate credentials (Military ID or DD214).
2) Complete the Rebate Form.
3) Mail the Credentials and Rebate Form, together with a copy of your firearm receipt, to Beretta USA Corp., Attn: 2014 American Military Program, 17601 Beretta Drive, Accokeek, MD 20607.  (Please allow 8-12 weeks for your rebate check to arrive.)
4) Please keep a copy of all documents mailed to Beretta USA Corp for your records.

Already submitted a rebate? To check on the status of your rebate, click here.

Qualified purchasers for this program include:
• Active U.S. Military personnel – all branches
• Former U.S. Military personnel – all branches


This promotion excludes Individual Officer Price Program sold by Beretta Law Enforcement division.
J92F630, J92F610, J92F631, J92M9A0MLE, J92M9A0LE, JS92M9A1MLE, JS92M9A1LE, JS92M9A1M24LE
JS92M9A123LE, J9A9F10LE, J9A9F11LE, J9A9F14, J9A4F10LE, J9A4F11LE, J9A4F14, JXS9F23, JXS9F24
JXS4F22, JXS4F28, JXS9G23, JXS9G24, JXS4G22, JXS4G28, JXC9F23, JXC9F24, JXC9F20LE, JXC4F23
JXC4F24, JXC4F20LE, JXF9F23, JXF9F24, JXF9F20LE, JXF4F23, JXF4F24, JXF4F20LE, JXF9F53, JXF9F54
JXF4F53, JXF4F54, JXF9C23, JXF9C24, JXF4C23, JXF4C24, JXF9D23, JXF4D23, JXF4D24, JXF9G23
JXF9G24, JXF9G20LE, JXF4G23, JXF4G24, JXF4G20LE, JXF5F26, JXF5F27, JXF5G26, JXF5G27, JX49220M
Beretta reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time and without notice.