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Beretta Booth #13956 at SHOT Show 2018

January 17, 2018 03:41 PM

Beretta anticipates thousands of visitors next week at their redesigned SHOT Show booth. The booth has a new, open floor plan with a designated feature product wall positioned at the center of the booth for a quick overview of Beretta’s featured products.

For specific details regarding what is happening in the Beretta booth, video and photos from the show, schedules for booth activities, social media feeds, new product information and online promotions only available during the show, be sure to check out Beretta SHOT Show.

Beretta, a leader in the firearms industry, continues to demonstrate its ability to bridge the latest technological advances with traditional aesthetics and contemporary design to provide users of its products with advantages both on the range and in the field.

More than 165 firearms will be on display in the Beretta booth, including a variety of new or featured guns. Among these are additions to the Tikkaand the Sakorifle models. The competition lineup has also been expanded to include the A300 Outlander Sportingwith a 30” sporting barrel optimized for use with sporting loads.

Located in our APX tower display will be the three new models of Beretta’s APX pistol: the APX RDO, Combat, and FDE. The APX Combat is a further evolution of our popular APX striker fired duty pistol that incorporates the ability to easily mount a Red Dot Optic integrally on the slide and a factory installed 1/2x28TPI threaded barrel.

Beretta will also display new Victrix rifles as part of the featured line of long range tactical firearms found in the tactical area of the booth. These new models will include the Victrix Pugio 308 Win, Gladius TCT 308 WIN RB RE, and the Target Series 6BR RB RE.

Cutting-edge technology, in the form of fabrication and textiles, is also in some of the clothing on display throughout the booth. Beretta’s new universal sporting clay vest has been tested by the top shooters in the field and features a full leather resting patch on the shoulder and ergonomical design on back yoke for range of motion.

Beretta offers new Puull and Clash Eyeglassesas a part of the partnership with the Rudy Project. This new line of eyewear has been designed specifically to enhance a shooter’s eye protection and maximize the focus of the athlete on his target. Beretta’s eyeglasses utilize eight different lenses for unparalleled fit factors and optical superiority.

Beretta Team captain Diane Sorantino and Olympic gold medalist Vincent Hancock will be in the Beretta booth throughout the entirety of the show. Six-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode will be making appearances throughout the week from 8:30 – 10:00 am daily.

Beretta’s newest shooting team member Todd VanLangen will also be at the booth throughout the week. His specialty is long-range tactical marksmanship.

Also, there will be five live streamed events on Beretta SHOT Showand Beretta USA’s Facebook Live and Twitter Periscope pages. These live interviews will give viewers access to the industry’s leading experts in hunting, tactical, clay shooting, and professional waterfowl hunters.

Olympic gold medalists and Team Beretta shooters Kim Rhode and Vincent Hancock will participate in a live event on Tuesday, January 23rd at 3 pm and will be taking live questions from viewers.

Ernest Langdon will be participating in two live events as a guest during the tactical roundtable to discuss self-defense firearms and tactics and a live interview in which he discusses his 50,000-round test of the Px4 Storm (12 pm Wednesday, 1/24).

Beretta will also be hosting live events with Sako and Tikka representatives to discuss new products (10 am Wednesday, 1/24), waterfowl hunting professionals (1:30 pm Thursday, 1/25), and a tactical roundtable (3 pm Thursday, 1/25). Please note that all times are in Pacific Standard time.

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