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Beretta Research and Innovation Center To Test New Safety and Security Technology in the U.S.

November 4, 2016 08:41 AM

Beretta, the five centuries old brand known worldwide for its fine Italian shotguns and clothing, and as the provider of the official sidearm of the U.S. Armed Forces is also a leader in fostering the development of innovative technologies.

The Beretta Research and Innovation Center– also known as “BRAIN”, is a division of the Beretta brand. The Center, located on the campus of the State University, in Brescia, Italy works in collaboration with major institutions and start up companies to engage in projects that apply technologies in new ways to provide solutions that ensure safety and security.

One of the Center’s mandates requires these solutions to be actively tested “in the field”. Among the first solutions to be tested is the i-Protect Personal system, a technology concept that will be tested during the 2016 NYC MARATHON by a team of five Italian athletes who will represent Beretta. These Beretta employees will be joined by five USA runners who represent the non-profit, NYC based organization “Project ALS”. In cooperation with the emergency response services of a US-based partner, the team will test and provide feedback on the system. You can view the system’s components as well as watch i-Protect Personal in action via a live feed on a monitor inside the Beretta Gallery in Manhattan located at 718 Madison Avenue, not far from the finish of the marathon.

How the system works: The i-Protect Personal is designed to detect and analyze biometric data; using smartphone-connected sensors it tracks physical activity and monitors the body’s response to it. If a state of distress is detected, or if the user chooses to activate the distress call, the system is capable of communication with a security dispatch center that can offer immediate assistance in case of medical and other emergencies.

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