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January 23, 2018 12:00 PM

Beretta is proud to announce Victrix Armaments’ latest development in long range bolt action rifles: the .50 BMG caliber CORVUS. The recently acquired Italian brand Victrix expands the already broad range of precision rifles marketed by Beretta with a large caliber / anti­materiel rifle for extreme long-range engagements. The large caliber CORVUS rifle is manufactured with the same cutting-edge technology, high end materials and unparalleled precision that defines the Company production but in a highly effective and widely adopted caliber. Despite the technical challenges imposed by the powerful .50 BMG, the CORVUS is one of the most accurate, light and compact rifles in its category.

With a smooth and solid AISI 630 stainless steel action with 3-­lug bolt, together with a 27” barrel with a four chamber recoil dampening muzzle brake, the CORVUS provides an astonishing 0.5 MOA accuracy at 1,094 yards in a 33 pound, 45 inch (folded stock) package. Complemented by several ergonomic and new safety features, the CORVUS is ready for any challenging combat environment.

Victrix Armaments is an Italian company based in Cazzano Sant’Andrea (Bergamo) within the Officina Meccanica Rottigni which offers leading edge solutions in the field of precision bolt action rifles and related technologies. With Victrix, Beretta broadens its strong position in the rifle segment and further expands its already wide range of products and customer base. Beretta USA will market the Victrix product lines in the US, including the extreme long-­range rifles in .408/.375 CheyTac and .50 BMG, calibers. These products will complement and expand the fine line of Sako and Tikka rifles already marketed by Beretta USA.

Visit Beretta (Booth # 13956) at the 2018 SHOT show to see the Corvus and all of the exciting new products.



Series: Minerva (Military & Law Enforcement)
Model: Corvus
Caliber: .50 BMG
Accuracy: 0.5 MOA at 1.000 meters (1,094 yd) with Sniper Elite 709 gr match ammunition
Barrel length: 27" (686 mm)
Action: AISI 630 stainless steel Corvus action with 3 lugs bolt, PVD surface finishing
Magazine: 5 rounds, polymer
Trigger: Selectable dual or single stage; adjustable trigger: travel, weight and position
Safety: Two position lever
Muzzle brake: Four chamber, detachable
Optics rail: 45 MOA action and hand guard matched rails
Frame: Light alloy chassis with hard anodizing, scratch resistant, anti-glare finish
Rails: 2 side and 2 lower hand guard mounted rail sections
Stock: Fully adjustable, light alloy, right side folding "Evo" model with bolt handle locking system; integral monopod; multi QD cups points; locking system in both open/closed position
Carry handle: Detachable, with multi mission QD cups point, tripod threads, integral heli-sniping hook
Bipod: Light alloy, Picatinny mounted "Omero Force" bipod (selectable, front or rear mount positions), quick release extendable legs, quick adjustable cant
Accessories: Rigid tactical rifle case with custom cut interior; cleaning kit and tool kit
Magazine: 1 + 2, 5 round polymer magazines
Weight: 33.11 lb (15.02 kg) rifle only; 38.9 lb (17.65 kg): rifle with "Omero force" bipod, Steiner Military 5-25x56 optic, Spuhr 4006 optic mount


Length with extended stock: 57.0 inches (1448 mm)
Length with folded stock: 45.4 inches (1153 mm)


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