Imperiale Montecarlo

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    Imperiale Montecarlo

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    Imperiale Montecarlo

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The Beretta Imperiale Montecarlo side-by-sides are shining examples of what can be achieved when free reign is given to Master Gunsmiths in the crafting of customized luxurious shotguns, and Master Engravers are able to express their artistry in full: inventive masterpieces, artisan mastery destined to become a part of gun making history.


The compact receiver (48 mm plate), the fine ribbon borders that outline the side plates and define the floor plate, together with the particular design of the top moldings, ensure a distinctive look and an elegant equilibrium of forms. Fashioned from a steel Ni-Cr-Mo ingot, after an initial machine outline, the receiver takes form through patient, accurate etches by chisel and extensive smooth refinement by file and emery cloth. Lug fitting, polishing, finishing: it’s all executed by hand with maniacal care.
The true sidelocks feature the firing mechanism with rebounding hammers, refined and retouched until the desired trigger pull and optimal safety operation is achieved. Once the engraving is completed, the receiver is subjected to hardening treatments that guarantee an elevated level of durability and resistance.
The precision of the triple compass turn lug fitting and the double locking bolt on the Demibloc lugs guarantee a long life and minimal force needed to open the top lever. The internal parts may be mirror polished or jewelled at the discretion of the client who may also choose between a double trigger with an articulated front trigger or a single selective trigger.
In this model, the top moldings feature a double ribbing which match the design of the hammers. The extractors are manual.


The barrels of the Beretta Imperiale side-by-sides boast numerous, exclusive qualities which have determined their fame in being great hunting and competition guns.
Starting with the special steel that assures extremely high resistance and outstanding tensile strength; continuing with the precise drilling and turning of the bars, the manufacture of the bore, the lapping of the internal tubes (the external ones are carefully finished by hand) the joining of the Demibloc barrels and the soldering of the ribs with alloy at low fusion temperature and concluding with the exclusive cold blueing of the barrels giving them an extraordinary deep glossy black color and an elevated resistance against corrosion.
Available in various standard lengths or made to measure on request, the barrels feature a smooth or hand checkered anti-glare top rib with ivory or gold front sight. A “red damask” blueing is also available on request.


Custom made to the client’s measurements and using only the highest quality walnut briar, the stock can be crafted into various shapes: English stock in classic or swan style, full or half pistol grip; classic, splinter fore-end, beavertail or other. An overhanging crown of laurels is inlaid in gold with masterly skill into the rhombus of the fore-end of the Imperiale Montecarlo.
Coupled to the receiver and the barrels in a super manner, the stock and fore-end are finely hand checkered and finished in oil or highly polished with numerous, patient strokes. The final result will astonish even the most refined connoisseur.


English scrollwork, hunting scenes, floral motifs, deep relief, mixed technique engravings, portraits and more. Any type of engraving is possible on an Imperiale Montecarlo side-by-sides and is executed only by the most expert Master Engravers who seek to give the best of themselves each time. From the ideation to the development of a subject or a theme, to the preparation of research and original designs (which can be eventually kept by the client on request), to the actual engraving, each step is testimony to the total and absolute dedication of the Master Engraver whose signature will leave an indelible trace for generations to come.

Barrel length (cm) 70/7670/76
Barrel length (in) 28/3028/30
Choke FixedFixed
Gauge 1220
Lylium NN
Rib 10x69,5x5,5

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