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Team Beretta Captain Tops the Podium at 2018 Big Seafood Blast and Beretta Cup

Diane Sorantino, Team Beretta captain, recently topped the podium in 3 different events during the concurrently held 2018 Big Seafood Blast and Beretta Cup. 
Hosted at M&M Hunting Preserve in Pennsville, NJ, these competitions boasted 500 shooters from April 19-22. M&M Hunting Preserve is owned and operated by Team Beretta member, Anthony Matarese, and he designed the courses for each of these competitions. 
With a score of 92 out of 100 targets, Sorantino achieved ladies champion honors during the Big Seafood Blast. 
Sorantino was also the ladies champion for the De Vito Memorial event with a score of 94 birds, eclipsing her nearest competitor by 7 targets. 
She topped the podium for a third time during the Beretta Cup event with a score of 95 out of 100 targets. 
Sorantino, shooting with an A400 Xcel, also took second place in the 12-gauge 50 bird lady event with a score of 45 targets. 
Sorantino will be competing with the rest of Team Beretta at the 2018 Northeast Regional Championship from May 15 to May 20 back at M&M Hunting Preserve. 
About Team Beretta: 
Team Beretta, founded in the early 1980s, is a team of professional shooters of various age and experience that compete as Brand Ambassadors for Beretta USA in the fields of trap, skeet, sporting clay, pistol, 3-gun, and precision long range competitive shooting. Since 1977, Beretta has led the way in all forms of competitive shooting sports and continues to strive for excellence. During the 2016 Olympic Games, Team Beretta shooters took ten out of the possible fifteen podiums in trap, double trap, and skeet 

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