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Team Beretta Shooters Win 16 Podium Honors at the NSCA National Championship

Team Beretta shooters brought home 16 individual podium honors at last week’s 2018 NSCA National Championship.
Team Beretta members in attendance at this national competition were Zachary Kienbaum, Desirae Edmunds, Anthony Matarese, Joseph Fanizzi, Dominic Gross, Diane Sorantino, and Meagan Harrington. Held at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, TX, this competition boasted approximately 2,132 entrants from across the United States and internationally.
Kienbaum, shooting with a Beretta DT11, swept the entire competition as the HOA National Champion after an impressive final day of shooting. With a score of 286 targets out of 300, Kienbaum earned his first NSCA National Champion title with a 1 target lead over the runner-up, Wendell Cherry. 
Edmunds, who shoots with a Beretta DT11L, achieved her second Ladies’ HOA National Champion title with a score of 274 out of 300 targets, beating her nearest competitor by 8 clays. 
Edmunds also attained a ladies’ champion podium in the Beretta Challenge Super Sporting event with a score of 91 targets out of 100. She also won two runner-up podium honors in the ladies’ FITASC and K-Kup events with scores of 89/100 and 91/100, respectively.
Matarese achieved a third-place finish in the main HOA event with a score of 282 out of 300 targets. He also obtained a second-place and two third-place finishes in the FITASC, K-Kup, and Beretta Challenge Super Sporting events with superb scores of 96/100, 98/100, and 97/100, respectively after some close shoot offs.
Matarese has been shooting with Beretta products since he was 9 years old and has been a member of Team Beretta for 20 years.
Fanizzi is a new junior member of Team Beretta and this competition was his debut as a part of the team. He will enter his first full competition season with Beretta in 2019 as the 2018 NSCA HOA Sub-Junior Champion.
Fanizzi, shooting with a Beretta semi-automatic shotgun, also procured three champion podium honors in the junior FITASC and sub-junior 5-Stand and Beretta Challenge Super Sporting events with scores of 92/100, 93/100, and 96/100, respectively.
Gross, another junior team member, achieved a runner-up podium honor in the junior HOA event with a score of 277 out of 300 targets, missing the top spot by only 1 clay during a hard-fought shoot off.
Gross also obtained a third-place finish in the junior K-Kup event with a score of 94 targets out of 100. 
Sorantino, Team Beretta captain who shoots with a Beretta A400 Xcel, attained a third-place podium honor in the ladies’ K-Kup event with a score of 87 out of 100 targets. 
Harrington went up against against some fierce competitors and finished in the top ten for all of the events in which she competed. 
The team will begin their competition schedule for the 2019 shooting season at the Gator Cup from February 12 to 17 in Okeechobee, FL.
About Team Beretta: 
Team Beretta, founded in the early 1980s, is a team of professional shooters of various age and experience that compete as Brand Ambassadors for Beretta USA in the fields of trap, skeet, sporting clay, pistol, 3-gun, and precision long range competitive shooting. Since 1977, Beretta has led the way in all forms of competitive shooting sports and continues to strive for excellence. During the 2016 Olympic Games, Team Beretta shooters took ten out of the possible fifteen podiums in trap, double trap, and skeet shooting events. Team Beretta competes not only at the highest professional levels as well as national and regional competitions, but our shooters also mentor and train future competitors.

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