Built around a vault-tough cross-bolt action, a whole 3mm wider than its predecessor’s (the DT10) and therefore stronger and even more durable. The DT11 was born and bred to keep the serious competitor on target and on the podium.



What are Steelium Barrels?

Steelium barrels are constructed of a proprietary steel engineered to offer extreme durability and superior ballistic performance. The long, 480mm forcing cone keeps shot patterns consistently accurate while minimizing recoil and muzzle rise.

Beretta Barrels: designed to perform

The concept of pattern performance is known all-too-well among professional shooters. It refers to how predictable a pattern will be, when a target hits it at differing distances. Beretta clay barrels were designed to produce the best patter performance, even at long distance, which makes them the go-to choice for world class shooters and Olympic champions.

Being a champion starts with a mindset, hard work and dedication, but it doesn’t end with just a winning shotgun. As all of our Olympic medal winners will tell you, what you wear and what you put on your gun is just as important to winning as the machine you use to powder clays. Find out what our champions choose. Beretta works directly with international competition shooters to perfect the features and details of our competition accessories, pro shop and apparel. Every detail has been studied and tested at the range, because – when it comes to these world-class shooters – every detail makes the difference. Visit our shop to find out what the champions are using.





Built with the help of international shooters and the insight of Team Beretta’s most successful athletes, all Beretta clay guns have been developed with one goal in mind: getting you to the podium. All of them share the features inspired by the DT family of gold-medalist shotguns. High-tech features previously found only on premium grade clay shotguns are now found in most of our grades, including:



photos_0009_Kim_Rhode_USA_SkeetWomenKim Rhode  |  U.S.A
Kimberly (Kim) Rhode is an International skeet and bunker trap shooter. She started shooting competitively in American skeet in 1989 and trained at Redland Shooting Park, Oak Tree Gun Club and Prado Olympic Shooting Park with her Beretta DT11 12 gauge.
Born in California on July 16 1979, Kim is one of the most accomplished Olympic shooters in history. She looks forward to teaching Carter, her son, everything about the outdoors, how much fun it is, and how to shoot.


photos_0008_Catherine_Skinner_AUS_TrapWomenCatherine Skinner  |  AUSTRALIA

Catherine Skinner is an Australian trap shooter. She was born on February 11 1990 in Mansfield, Victoria and has been a shooter since 2002.
She’s currently a student and usually trains in the Melbourne Gun Club and the Frankston Clay Target Club with her Beretta DT11.
She likes to point out that she lives her life by going by what feels right for her. “Everyone is unique, and so their life journey will be different from mine, so why should I make the same choices that they do?”, she says.



photos_0007_Natalie_Rooney_NZL_TrapWomenNatalie Rooney  |  NEW ZEALAND






photos_0006_Josip_Glasnovic_CRO_TrapMenJosip Glasnovic  |  CROATIA

Josip Glasnovic has been a trap and double trap shooter since 1998. Born in Zagreb, Croatia, on  May 7, 1983, Josip trains in Zagreb (Lukavec and Luze) with his Beretta DT11. “My way of life is to give the best of me in shooting training to be better and better; fair play in shooting is so important to me, and for me is also important to be in sport for the rest of my life.”



photos_0005_Johnny_Pellielo_ITA_TrapMenGiovanni Pellielo  |  ITALY

Giovanni Pellielo has been an Olympic Trap shooter since 1989. He was born in Vercelli on January 11, 1970. He is a professional athlete with Italy’s Fiamme Azzurre (the athletic arm of the Italian National Law Enforcement Agency). Giovanni trains at the Vercelli shooting range with a Beretta DT11. Giovanni says, of himself: “My way of life is ‘I desire, therefore I am.’”



photos_0004_Marco_Innocenti_ITA_DoubleTrapMarco Innocenti  |  ITALY

Marco Innocenti, is a Double Trap athlete, a discipline that he trains for with a Beretta DT11. Marco runs one of the biggest gun stores in Italy, the Armeria Innocenti, together with his family. He trains at TAV Montecatini and lives in Montemurlo, near the town of Prato. He was born on August 16, 1978.
His philosophy in life is: “if you want it, you can do it; don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today”.



photos_0003_Diana_Bacosi_ITA_SkeetWomenDiana Bacosi  |  ITALY

Diana Bacosi hails from Città della Pieve, in Italy. She was born on July 13, 1983 and has been skeet shooting since she was 14 years old. Her shotgun is a Beretta DT11, and she regularly trains in Rome. She says, of herself: “I'm a military athlete, and my philosophy in life is never give up!”




photos_0002_Chiara_Cainero_ITA_SkeetWomenChiara Cainero  |  ITALY
Chiara Cainero has been skeet shooting since 1997. She currently trains at TAV Porpetto close to Udine, the city where she was born on March 24, 1978. Chiara shoots a Beretta DT11. Apart from being a mother, she is also a Special Agent for the National Forestry Agency. Her philosophy in life is to always give of her best in order to reach her goals and never leave anything to chance.



photos_0001_Gabriele_Rossetti_ITA_SkeetMenGabriele Rossetti  |  ITALY







photos_0000_Al_Rashidi_Abdullah_IOA_SkeetMenAhmed Al Rashidi  |  IOA (KUWAIT)










Being a champion starts with a mindset, hard work and dedication, but it doesn’t end with just a winning shotgun. Find out what our champions choose, when it comes to apparel, accessories and pro shop they pick, to win world-stage competitions.