687 Silver Pigeon V


Silver Pigeon V: Prestige and Performance

This prestigious over-under hunting shotgun is the pinnacle of the 687 line. Its action has a rich and deeply-textured color-case finish that is applied without altering the quality or strength of the metal. This color-case acts as the background for hand-inlaid gold game scenes on the sides of the action and a Beretta gold medallion underneath. The stock is of highly-figured select walnut, oil-finished and complete with a stock oval for the owner’s initials or family crest. The 687 Silver Pigeon V’s beauty is only matched by its performance on the field, giving hunters and shooters Beretta’s premium pointability, swing and balance.


Available with English (Straight) Stock and in Several Action Sizes

The Silver Pigeon V is available in a variety of configurations to match the tastes and the needs of the most discriminating hunters. It comes in a standard semi-pistolgrip stock, or with a nostalgic English (i.e., straight) stock for those wanting uncompromisingly classic looks. It is also available in three action sizes: 12/20 gauge, 28 gauge and .410. The scaled-down actions of the smaller gauges give the shotguns the premium look and feel of custom-made works of art, with their trim refinement and feather-light handling.

A Classic Choice for Hunting

687silverpigeon5_zoom002This shotgun will shine in any hunting situation. This is because it is built on a receiver that is equally strong and low-profile. The 687 action has two conical locking lugs at mid-height, meaning that it will always lock up strongly and positively while not requiring the extra bulk and weight for a top locking lever.

This further means that when you bring it up to the shoulder, the vertical distance between your eye and your supporting hand is minimized: this shotgun will follow your sight easily and instinctively. And in spite of its beauty, the 687 action is noted for its strength, so this is a shotgun that you can confidently pass down to the next generation of hunters.


Durable, Accurate Barrels

Available with 26” or 28” barrels, the Silver Pigeon V is a shotgun designed to last several lifetimes in spite of its lightness and fast handling. The chrome-moly cold-hammer forged barrels of the Silver Pigeon V are designed to take the punishment of heavy hunting loads without compromising in shot pattern and durability. Also, the forcing cone is elongated to provide less shot deformation and recoil, while the MobilChoke system is further designed to resist stress and ensure durability. A shotgun that will speak volumes about your taste, the Silver Pigeon V will also work hard as a trustworthy companion on you on your memory-making hunting adventures.


Barrel length (cm) 67/71/7667/71/7667/7167/71
Barrel length (in) 26/28/3026/28/3026/2826/28
Chamber (mm) 76767076
Chamber (in) 3"3"2" 3/43"
Gauge 122028.410
Lylium YYNN
Rib 6x66x66x66x6
Barrel length (cm) 67/71
Barrel length (in) 26/28
Chamber (mm) 76
Chamber (in) 3"
Choke MC
Gauge COMBO 28/.410
Lylium N
Rib 6x6

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