Beretta Aura Activator Kit (DISPLAY)

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Beretta Aura Activator Kit (DISPLAY)

The BERETTA AURA ACTIVATOR® device (International Patent) is an “Energy rebalancer” designed and made in Italy.
A) Better cellular activation through an increase the concentration of Ca++ ions in the cellular cytoplasm.
B) Remarkable decrease in fatty-acid peroxidation, better blood circulation and help in burning cholesterol.
C) Rise of body temperature, which leads to faster recovery due to the activation of base metabolism.
D) Capillary vasodilatation and higher intake of oxygen, also due to rise of body temperature.
E) Help in flushing out the lactic acid in muscles, better recovery from exertion.
F) Increase in the intensity of the biocycle sleeping-waking.
G) Decrease in body acid through a more natural discharge of gases and toxic elements in the body.
H) Help in carrying nourishment inside the cell, enhancing the osmotic process of individual molecules through the cell membrane.
I) Help in decreasing inflamation of the joints.
1 - More strength
2 - More endurance
3 - Better balance
4 - Better muscular efficiency
5 - Less felt physical effort
6 - Reduced pain during and after sports activities
7 - Help with preventing damage to muscles and articulations
8 - Help in preventing problems due to repetitive and restrictive movements
It is not an electro-medical device
It is not a medicine
It does not constitute "doping"
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Aura Activator Sole
The BERETTA AURA ACTIVATOR® device (International Patent), is the the result of long-term medical, physiotherapeutic and physiochemical research. It is designed to enhance balance, applied energy, recovery and endurance to physical effort. It is an “Energy rebalancer” designed and made in Italy, which, thanks to its composition, emits a biocompatible wave that breaks up water macromolecules that, because of their size, slow the continuous process of substance exchange between cells and the different types of tissue in the human body, the input of nourishment and the output of waste. A more detailed Scientific Report, written by AURA ACTIVATOR® Research Center, can be downloaded at Aura s.r.l. is solely responsible for the BERETTA AURA ACTIVATOR® products.

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