Beretta Man's Camo Vest

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Beretta Man's Camo Vest

Padded nylon ripstop vest with Beretta camo print and diamond quilting.

Beretta Urban Camo
The use of camo fabrics for everyday wear dates back to the 1980's, when military patterns were "appropriated" by clothing designers for their attractive and colorful appearance.

In this spirit, Beretta is also offering its own pattern, dedicated to the Lifestyle segment and strong with the company's experience with camo for hunting and outdoor use.

We started with a digital camo pattern that was the fruit of scientific research on the eyesight of wild game; then, we slightly modified it into something unique and free from the constraints of any passing fad. The result is a pleasantly-asymmetrical pattern that creates a three-dimensional illusion while not detracting from the visual appeal of the garment and the fabric of which it is made. Thanks to Beretta, the natural textures of the wild outdoors make their elegant entrance into the city.

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# GUW9003011

Gender: M

Size: 46, 52, 54

Family: Beretta Urban Camo

Color: Beretta Camo

  • Beretta Camo088D

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