Beretta Classic Sport Shirt

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Beretta Classic Sport Shirt

Button down shirt, in cotton. A long sleves shirt that is versatile in styling and a great layering piece. The amaretta shoulder patch takes its inspiration from the shooting world, adding that bit of extra charm.

Country Shirt
The Beretta Country Shirt is a line of button down shirts, done the Beretta way. Slick, smart and available in a wide range of styles, these classic hunting shirts are made out of cotton and they are the sort of thing that has real ‘year-round appeal’.

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# LU521T1092

Gender: M

Size: 40, 44, 45, 38

Family: Country Shirt

Segment: Vintage Years

Color: 1092_0745

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  • Chest flap pockets.
  • Button down collar.
  • Shoulder amaretta detail in contrast colour.