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GunPod 2 - FAQs

Q: I have downloaded the App, but I cannot log in. What's the problem?
A: The GunPod 2 system requires a valid Beretta B-Club account to log in. You can create
yours for free by visiting or directly from the app's login screen tapping
on "register as a new user". The B-Club sign-up takes just seconds and you can
immediately use the same credentials to enter the Gunpod 2 app.

An overview of the app is provided in a YouTube video:

Q: Is it possible to use the GunPod 2 system with my old Beretta shotgun?
A: Yes, but with a limitation: a shotgun without the GunPod 2 Bluetooth shot counter
cannot communicate with the GunPod 2 app automatically, so when you shoot you have
to manually instruct the app that a shot has been made. All you have to do is to connect
your old shotgun in the app (go to Settings > Connected Shotguns > and the tap the +
icon) and leave its "Device ID" field empty. Once connected this "manual shotgun", you will
be able to use it during a GunPod 2 hunting session.

Q: How can I “connect” my shotgun with the App?
A: Connecting your shotgun is easy and it needs to be done with all the shotguns you want
to use with GunPod 2, either with Bluetooth shot counter or without. Connecting your
shotgun is very easy:


Tap “Connected Shotguns” to see the list of all the shotguns you have connected of
to add a new one
• To add a new one Tap “+” on the top bar
• Chose the Model of the shotgun (once you have selected your model, if there are
more than one gauge or chamber available you should be able to customize them,
otherwise they will be pre-set)
• Give a custom name to the shotgun (this is optional and you can assign the name
you like); this name will allow you to identify this shotgun within others of the same
model; you can change this name at any time;
• If your shotgun has the Bluetooth shot counter, tap into “Device ID” and then press
the button on your shotgun; you will see an identifier appear in the field, then press
SAVE (if you are connecting a shotgun without GunPod 2 you can skip this last step
of the procedure: a shotgun connected without Device ID is at all the effects a
“manual shotgun”, i.e. a shotgun that you can use with the App, but you will have to
manually instruct the App when a shot is done);
• Press CONNECT to complete the procedure

This entire procedure is outlined in a YouTube video:

Q: How can I start my first hunting session?
A: It's easy! Follow these simple steps:
• log into the GunPod 2 app on your smartphone
• tap the SESSION tab (tabs on iOS are on the bottom of the screen, while on
Android they are in the auto-hiding menu on the left)
• Fill the Title/Type/Notes fields to describe your session and make it easier to find it
later (all these field are optional, but filling them will add useful information; if Title is
left blank the app will assign an automatic title including date and time)
• Chose the shotgun you are going to use for your hunting session within the ones
listed; tap a shotgun to select it; when you tap one, a new view pops up asking you
information about the type of ammunitions you are going to use (choosing at least
one shotgun is mandatory to start a session, while specifying the ammunition type
is optional)

• If you never connected your shotgun(s), you can tap "Connect Shotgun" and do it
immediately (when you are done, then you will be able to select your shotgun as
described above)
• Put your smartphone in your pocket and enjoy your hunting day!
A complete overview of the hunting session is provided in a YouTube video:

Q: Do I have to put my shotgun with GunPod 2 on charge?
A: No. Your on-board Bluetooth shot counter always lies in an "intelligent sleep mode",
ready to wake up when a shot is made. The Bluetooth shot counter is equipped with a
small battery with the lifetime of 5.000+ shots (pressing the button will activate the blue
LED, thus reducing the lifetime of the battery; please press the button only when required
by the app to save battery).

Q: Which is the lifetime for the battery inside my GunPod 2 Bluetooth shot counter?
A: 5.000+ shots (pressing the button will activate the blue LED, thus reducing the lifetime
of the battery; please press the button only when required by the app to save battery)

Q: What is the phone number set into the PERSONAL SECURITY field inside the
app's settings?

A: This is the phone number of the person you may need to call in case of an Emergency
and it is set by default on 911. The GunPod 2 app provides help in case of emergency:
should you need to make an emergency call, just tap on the Beretta logo and on the
Emergency Call option, and then the app will manage to make the phone call to the
number you set in the preference, so you can ask for support without wasting time looking
the number in the address book. And if you need to communicate your position? Just
swipe left in your Session Summary and your position will be clearly visible.

Q: Why should I enable synchronisation?
A: Synchronisation of your GunPod 2 data with the private and secure GunPod 2 server is
optional, but recommended. By synchronising you get free backup of your data and the
possibility to enjoy your data through the web as well. If you enable synchronisation your
data will remain private and under your control, because login is always required to access
your data from both mobile and web. You can disable synchronisation at any time in the
app's settings.

Q: What is Data Processing?
A: Data Processing is an optional and recommended feature of the GunPod 2 system. If
you allow data processing you could receive suggestions and offers from The GunPod 2
system, based on the use you make of your shotgun.

For example: the GunPod 2 app
may suggest you to make the regular maintenance to your shotgun when needed, also
considering the type of cartridges you used and the frequency of your hunting sessions.
Data Processing can be allowed or disable at any time in the app's settings.

Q: What is the "TRACKING > Vehicle Rides" option in the app's settings?
A: GPS precision can decrease a lot even in certain outdoor conditions (one typical case is
when you are inside a forest) and the GunPod 2 app uses a special algorithm to improve
the quality and precision of your hunting path drawn on the map. If you are not supposed
to use a vehicle during the hunting session, then disabling this option will improve the
precision of your walking path on the map.

Q: Is there any way to prevent the GunPod 2 app to use my cellular data?
A: Yes, and you can do it in two different ways depending on your needs.
• Option #1: if you disable the cellular data for the GunPod 2 app at operating system
level, then you are sure the app cannot access to your mobile data connection in
any case. Unfortunately this will prevent the app to get map data too, so this option
is not recommended.

Option #2: in the app's settings you can enable or disable the use of cellular data
for synchronisation and social sharing, thus helping you having the right control on
the cellular data usage by the app while still getting the map data in real time (when
data connection is available, of course).

Q: Will the GunPod 2 system work even when mobile data are not available?
A: Yes, it will. Access to the Internet is required only at the first login and if mobile data are
not available during a hunting session the system works in any way. GPS and shot
recording will work in any way, because no data connection is needed to do this. You may
not be able to see the map under your hunting path, but when you will be under data
connection the map will appear.

Q: Can I see again my activity once completed?
A: Yes, sure! Just tap on the Activities tab and you will see the complete list of all your
completed activities (more recent on top). If you tap on one of these, you literally "jump
into the session", which means that you can see the session from the same views that you
had during the live hunting: Summary (left), Map (center) and Stream (right). You can
move between these views through swipe (or tap too in the android version).

Q: What does the blue/white dot on each activity record means?
A: The blue dot states that the activity has been synchronized with the server. If you want
to synchronize the activities, just tap the cloud icon.

Q: Is it possible to synchronize activities selectively?
A: No. Tapping the cloud button will synchronize all the activities.

Q: Can I modify my archived activities?
A: Yes, partially. Once an activity is completed, it can be replayed at any time from the app
or from the web (if synchronisation is enabled). Just tap the desired activity and you will
immediately brought to the Session Summary, from which you can delete the whole
activity (scroll down and you will see the red button DELETE SESSION (no confirmation is
required). Modifying the Session Summary information is not possible,but there is a lot of
changes and improvement that you can make on your data in the Session Stream.

By accessing your session stream (swipe right two times), you can:
• delete a single event (shot, multimedia or placeholder/note): tap on the timing
information of the event and you will enter the Event Details view; scroll down until
the end of the page and tap DELETE EVENT (no confirmation will be required)
• add a photo, a video or a text note to any event: tap on the desired icon within the
event an a selection view will appear (please note that only photos or video from
your camera roll can be added when a session is completed - it's not possible to
add live pictures/videos to a completed session)
• delete a photo or video from an event: enter the Event Details and scroll down until
the MEDIA item, tap to open the list of all medias associated with this event and
delete the desired one(s)
• delete a text note: tap on the Note icon in the event and delete all the current note;
when you are done, tap OK and the note will disappear
• mark a shot as Successful (Green): tap on the cartridge icon and select a target
form the list. Alternatively you can go into the Event Details and scroll down until the
"Hit Target" item and turn it OFF. Here you can also change the target without
unflagging the shot: just tap the Target item and choose the right one from the list.

turn a successful shot down to a standard one: tap again the green cartridge icon
and it will turn black again. You can either do the same from the Event Details as
explained above

Q: Does the GunPod 2 work properly if the smartphone is in sleep mode in my

A: Yes, absolutely. The system has been designed to do so! You may be required to
enable the "data refresh in background" in the OS settings and to set the permission to
use the phone’s localization to “always”.

Q: When I start a session, I can select "Clay target" to describe the type of hunting.
Does this mean that I can shoot Trap and use GunPod 2 to collect my data?
A: No, you should not use this for Trap (at least for the moment). The current app is
designed for the hunting experience and Clay target can just mean Sporting (especially
the "parcour de chasse"), not Compak.