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"Look" of week: Techno Merino Wool by Reda

BWonderwool is a revolutionary line of first layer garments made from pure merino wool.
The innovative fabric treatment enhances the wool’s natural properties, eliminating the downside of traditional wool by making it more resistant, more elastic and infinitely softer on your skin. 
BWonderwool is the top performing natural alternative to synthetic materials. 
BWonderwool is available in two versions: Warm and XWarm. 
The new Beretta Tech-merino shirts are made of the revolutionary pure merino yarn by REDA, a combination of the Biella textile making tradition and the technological breakthrough of an innovative spinning system that makes the natural merino wool 15% more resistant, 30% more elastic and extremely softer on your skin. 
Men version is available in two colours: green and sand.
Women version comes in three colours: green, pink and sand.

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