A Wide Range of Models.

There is a wide array of 92 pistols from which to select, each with unique features.


92 FS.

The renowned sidearm of US Military is available in caliber 9 mm Parabellum.


This model has a stainless steel slide, barrel, other key components (safety levers, trigger, slide catch lever, etc.) and internal parts. The alloy frame is anodized to match the color and finish of the stainless slide and barrel.
The 92 model feature rubber grips with a new stippled texture and hex key grip screws.

Double action only version of the 92FS pistol offering the same safety system of the standard model.
Every time the trigger is pulled, the hammer (with spur removed) is cocked and released.

92 D.
This is double action-only version of the standard 92FS, with no external safety levers (“slick slide”) and the hammer spur removed. Extended side serrations provide a sure grip for fast, easy racking of the slide. D models are as easy to operate as a revolver, with the exact same smooth trigger pull for each shot.

Derived from the famous 92FS, the new Vertec boasts numerous features to satisfy the needs of law enforcement and special operation military.
The new vertical grip design, special short reach trigger and thin dual textured grip panels guarantee a sure grip and maximum control during rapid fire, even for small handed shooters. An integral accessory rail is built into the frame to attach a variety of flashlights or laser aiming systems. The front sight is removable for the easy installation of different sights or tritium sights meanwhile the magazine well has been aggressively beveled for faster reloads. Manufactured also in the Inox version.

The new Elite II pistols feature the recontoured slide of the Brigadier model. The slide is stainless steel and boasts removable front sight and Novak type rear sight. The stainless steel barrel is slightly shorter 4.7” (119 mm) for compactness.
The pistol’s grip is grooved to enhance control during firing, the beveled magazine well facilitates rapid reloading, front and rear slide serrations provide a sure grip for fast, easy racking of the slide, the skelotonized hammer reduces lock time and the rubber magazine pad protects the magazine if it is dropped.
Beretta Elite II models are available only in the G configuration (when the lever is released after having been activated to lower the hammer, it automatically returns to the ready-to-fire position).

The Compact features a 13-round* high capacity, double stack magazine (9 mm Parabellum caiber). The Type M, variant of 92 Compact L, carries a single stack 8-round magazine, which creates a slimmer profile that’s ideal for individuals with smaller hands.

*For magazine capacity, please refer to specifications.

The Brigadier was designed to meet the special needs on the INS* who wanted an accurate, reliable and durable .40 caliber pistol with removable front and rear sights. The pistol incorporates all the high performance characteristics of the traditional 92 Series pistols plus features that are unique to the Brigadier.
The Brigadier’s slide is heavier and recontoured. Because of the heavier slide, the gun’s balance is enhanced and felt recoil is reduced, improving accuracy for follow-up shots. The Brigadier is available, on request, with wrap around, stippled rubber grips and hex key grip screws.

The Brigadier is also manufactured in a stainless steel version (92 Brigadier FS Inox).
* U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.


La propria arma, sia che venga utilizzata in gara, per allenarsi nel tiro dalla distanza, o per difendere la propria abitazione e la propria famiglia, deve saper rispondere a specifiche esigenze. Tra queste sicuramente l’assoluta affidabilità, la precisione costante, e la sicurezza ottimale.

Ma è indubbio che a queste caratteristiche essenziali se ne aggiungono altre, dettate dal concetto che un’arma, pistola o carabina che sia, è un prolungamento della propria personalità. Ciascuno può preferire l’arma più veloce, o quella più leggera, o ancora, l’arma con le caratteristiche tecnologicamente più avanzate. Vi è poi la preferita, quella su cui si fa il massimo affidamento, perfetta nel palmo della mano e infallibile dalla distanza.

Il tiratore Beretta sa di poter trovare nella propria arma il massimo dell’innovazione, della versatilità, del design e della maestria artigianale. Perché quando la posta in palio è alta, Beretta sbaraglia la concorrenza senza concedere replica. Beretta è la prima scelta di tiratori, sportivi e militari, in tutto il mondo.