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Human Technology is a 2014 short film that celebrates the excellence and uniqueness of Beretta luxury guns. This work, signed by Ancarani Studio and under the creative direction of Paola Manfrin, tells with an accurate miniaturist flavor the genesis of a Beretta luxury gun and the poetic path of its parts in aseptic robotic environments and sixteenth-century atmospheres, to be finally united by man, still today the wise guardian of the art of making.

A short film with a strong emotional vein, emphasized by the soundtrack of Bartolomeo Sailer, which starting from the beat of the factory builds an epic and solemn atmosphere until the maximum climax, when the gun passes symbolically into the hands of the hunter. A truthful and symbolic work at the same time - the cast is in fact entirely composed of Beretta personnel -, the most correct synthesis of the contrast that makes every Beretta luxury gun unique: Technological Craftsmanship.

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