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The limited edition that introduces in 2021 the new era of Beretta over-and-under shotguns: SL2, the sporting gun of the future.

A Limited Series of 50 Pieces

Beretta brings to the market a new over-and-under shooting platform, the result of centuries of wisdom combined with the most modern and exclusive technologies. Here is SL2: the condensed experience of the Gardonese factory in clay shooting and luxury guns. Futuristic lines and innovative technical solutions, now available only for a limited number of customers. This is the "Launch Edition": a limited edition of only 50 guns divided between Trap, Skeet and Sporting. Compared to the classic version that will be released in 2022, SL2 Launch Edition differs in the toggle treatment with the super-technological DLC treatment, in the glossy black color with the acidic green logo applied to the toggle chest. The equipment includes a dedicated suitcase and a personalized "congratulation card".

The Search for Perfection

Football and buttstock are made of "grade 4" wood, finely grooved by hand for a perfect grip: in the Launch Edition everything is made to measure for the shooter. The selection process of the material starts from the roughing with a careful review by our master armourers, but the process starts much earlier. Pietro Beretta Selection products are subject to a deep supply chain control already starting from the raw material, they are mounted "in the white", that is before the completion of the finishing of all the parts, to ensure that once the oiling is completed we have a perfect fitting. Completing the stock-butt system, the tried and true MicroCore® Beretta buttplate, known for its incredible recoil absorption and shoulder support.

A Dress of Carbon Atoms

The heart of the rifle is completely new, characterized by a Boss-type closure with a closing pin that goes to intervene between the first and second barrel, while the base of the sleeve is inserted in a V-shaped cradle cut into the base of the lock itself. The surface treatment of the lock is the brand new DLC, a film of carbon atoms that protects the surface from aging, making it impervious to acids or alkaline or corrosive solutions (such as acidic sweat); the main feature of this treatment is the excellent resistance to wear and scratches so much so that it is widely used for "heavy duty" applications (military production, for example). The line of the lock is innovative with an "acuminate" design: in the upper area the area of the "breasts / poppets" has been reduced to the essentials, together with a revolutionary treatment of the firing pin consisting of micro-pyramids capable of decomposing the light and the very low design of the key, allowing a perfect vision of the plate even in the most extreme lateral trajectories.

Technology and Gear at the Top

As befitting a gun of this level, the trigger group is removable and features leaf springs that ensure a crisp and consistent trigger pull. For the Launch Edition, a second trigger group with guard and trigger guard made entirely of carbon fiber will also be provided. The barrels are the tried and tested Steelium Pro, already mounted on the DT11, which have brought shooters many international successes and 19 medals (7 Gold; 7 Silver; 5 Bronze) in the Olympic cycles of Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo alone; characterized by their particularly elongated triple cone, they have a total length of 46 centimeters. The surface treatment consists of a Super polish hand-pulled by Beretta craftsmen. Finally, what makes the SL2 Launch Edition a special product is its case, which is a perfect synthesis of innovation and tradition: it has a carbon fiber shell, the result of Beretta's consolidated know-how on the material, while the interior in black microfiber with the SL2 logo in acid green (like the Beretta logo on the gun chest) is entirely handmade in the Pietro Beretta Custom Atelier.

The Unique Piece in the Limited Edition

A unique version made by one of the 50 pieces of the launch edition has a very particular aesthetic: the stock and barrel are made of carbon fiber, which together with the black glossy DLC coating of the stock creates a contemporary and sporty look, in the style of the most technologically advanced hypercars.

Some details vary from the limited series: the perforated opening key distinguished by the three arrows, the pin with flower design, the initials of the owner on the stock chest.

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