687 Silver Pigeon V my22

The Silver Pigeon evolves with the V version, the top of the range of Beretta’s “standard” over and-under shotguns. Hunters will love this gun even more, a beautiful symbol of efficiency, reliability and minimum maintenance requirements inherited from the 680 platform.
This new model is characterized by a new look together with a superior wood grade.
The fine engravings are made using state-of-the-art 5-axis laser technology and are embellished by a special sparkle in the bas-relief areas, which creates a pleasing contrast effect, highlighting the deep scroll motifs on the receiver, opening lever, trigger guard, locking shoulders, pins and forend release.
The exquisite gloss finish enhances the grain of the stunning class 3 wood and protects it from rain and humidity. A leap in quality compared with those of the Silver Pigeon III class 2.5. All these features are combined with the excellent ballistics guaranteed by the Steelium Optimabore HP trialloy steel barrels.
Available as Hunting or Sporting versions in 12 and 20 gauges, and with two drop options (35/55 e 38/60, also in the B-Fast adjustable version), the 687 Silver Pigeon V is the shotgun for those who like to stand out with a gun that never stopped evolving over the course of 30 years, becoming an icon of quality and elegance; almost at the same level of a premium gun.
Main features (687 Silver Pigeon V field):
• Wooden butt pad
• Selected walnut wood – grade 3
• Gloss and water-repellent wood finish
• High contrast deep scroll engraving
• Nistan finish
• 76 mm (3”) chamber
• 6x6 top rib
• Steelium Optimabore HP barrels
• Available barrel length: 71-76 cm / 28”–30”
• Internal Optimachoke HP chokes
Main features (687 Silver Pigeon V Sporting):
• Rubber butt pad
• Selected walnut wood – grade 3
• Gloss and water-repellent wood finish
• High contrast deep scroll engraving
• Nistan finish
• 76 mm (3”) chamber
• 10x8 top rib
• Steelium Optimabore HP barrels
• Available barrel length: 76-81 cm / 30”-32”
• External Optimachoke HP chokes
The pistol grip stock, available with either a 35/55 or 38/60 drop in either right and left-handed configurations, and the forend, are made from selected class 3 walnut wood and covered with a lustrous gloss finish that is resistant to rain and humidity and highlights the precious wood grain. 
The stock and forend are also finely chequered for an improved grip.
As an optional, adjustable B-Fast stock is available.
The 687 Silver Pigeon V’s receiver, which is derived from the legendary 680 series, features a slim, elegant shape characterized by the tried-and-tested locking system with iconic trapezoid shoulders and dual conical locking lugs. The fine engraving with deep scroll motif reproduces a design created by the master engravers of Gardone Val Trompia and extends to the bottom of the receiver (where the shotgun model and three-arrow Beretta logo are shown), opening lever, trigger guard, locking shoulders, pins and forend release.
For this shotgun, Beretta used the most modern state-of-the-art 5-axis laser technology, capable of engraving rounded surfaces while maintaining perfect continuity in the design and reproducing, even in bas-relief areas, a precious contrast effect that typically characterizes premium shotguns.
The gun features a gold-plated single selective trigger. The selector is located inside the safety tang, allowing the user to select the barrel for the first shot with a simple quick sideways movement.The ultra-reliable and sturdy ejection system is the tried-and-tested version used on the 680 platform. This venerable platform boasts more than a million guns in use over the course of more than 30 years.
The 687 Silver Pigeon V features the famous Steelium barrels in tri-alloy steel, available in 71-76
cm / 28”–30” (for the Hunting version) and 76-81 / 30”-32” (for the Sporting version) lengths, 
characterized by deep drilling, cold hammer forging and vacuum relief. 
The special Optimabore HP geometry, with its 80-millimeter double forcing cone, is designed to 
offer outstanding performance and always perfect and uniform patterns with every type of 
ammunition, reducing at the same time felt recoil.
The 70mm Optimachoke HP chokes are also perfect with steel shots. 
The windowed top rib (6x6 mm for the Hunting version and 10x8 mm for the Sporting version) with accurate anti-reflective checkering and a spherical steel front sight is a clear reference to the most exclusive Beretta over-and-under shotguns. An intermediary sight can be fitted on the Sporting 
Lauflänge in cm 71/7671/76
Lauflänge in Zoll 28/3028/30
Patronenlager in mm 7676
Patronenlager in Zoll 3"3"
FinishingEngraving floreale / floralfloreale / floral
Kaliber 1220
Lylium YY
Schiene 6x66x6
Lauflänge in cm 76 / 81
Lauflänge in Zoll 30 / 31
Patronenlager in mm 76
Patronenlager in Zoll 3"
Choke OCHP
Kaliber 12
Lylium Y
Schiene 10x8

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