Beretta Victories

World Shotgun Championships, Olympic disciplines

14th - 25th September, Lima, Perù.


Congratulation to all the medallists on the Beretta Shooting Team for a fantastic set of results.

A special thank you to FITAV , the Italian federation of Clay Target Shooting.


Skeet Men:
Gold: Jesper Hansen (Danimarca) with DT11
Silver: Ennio Falco (Italia) with DT11

Skeet Men Junior
Gold: Domenico Simeone (Italia) with692
Bronze: Cassandro Tammaro (Italia) with 692

Skeet Lady
Silver: Simona Scocchetti (Italia) with DT11

Skeet Lady Junior
Bronze: Chiara Di Marzantonio (Italia) with 682

Double Trap Men
Gold: Eller Walton (USA) with DT10

Trap Men
Gold: Giovanni Pellielo (Italia) with DT11
Silver: Anton Glasnovic (Croazia) with DT11

Trap Lady
Gold: Jessica Rossi (ITA) with DT11
Silver: Yukie Nakayama (JAP) with DT11

Trap Men Junior
Silver: Pavel Vanek (CZE) with DT11

Trap Lady Junior
Silver: Svetlana Krasheninnikova with 682

Gold (ITA) Skeet Men with: Ennio Falco DT11, Luigi Agostino
Lodde DT11, Giancarlo Tazza DT11
Gold (ITA) Skeet Men Junior with:
Domenico Simeone 692, Cassandro Tammaro 692, Gabriele Rossetti DT11
Gold (ITA) Skeet Lady: Simona
Scocchetti DT11, Diana Bacosi DT11, Katiuscia Spada 692

Thanks also to:
Gold (ITA) women trap with Jessica Rossi DT11, Federica Caporuscio DT11
Bronze (CRO) men trap with: Anton Glasnovic DT11, Giovanni Cernogoraz DT11