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Seventy years after the first S1 model dated 1934, the SO10 is born, the most exclusive sidearm rifle of Beretta's 500 years of production. A worthy successor to the famous hunting and shooting shotguns of the SO series, celebrated on stages all over the world and on the most exclusive hunting trips in Europe, Africa and America, it is an icon of refined functionality, precision and elegance.


The trigger mechanism is located on the side folders, which are also finely engraved on the inside. The SO10's lateral battery mechanism is much more complicated to make than the classic internal mechanism of an over-and-under, and requires precision and dexterity equal to that of a watchmaker in order for the trigger to function flawlessly.


The receiver, for 12-, 20-, 28- and .410-gauge shotguns, is characterised by a double-shell profile with a bead and is machined from a single solid piece of high-strength trilegated steel. The coupling with the demibloc barrels is ensured by the precise rear longitudinal dowel lock operating between the two tubes, for an uninterrupted barrel profile that eliminates the joint line typical of monobloc barrels.


The batteries are removable by hand by means of two sturdy retractable keys, leaving the engraver the possibility of expressing his art on a continuous surface, with no pins or screws to circumvent. The rib is machined from solid and the fine checkering is made entirely by hand.


Engravings are a minimum of two grains, which can be customised without limit at the buyer's request. For a more valuable or complex engraving, additional burins can be added.


From the most classic English style to the most modern floral ornaments, from the most evocative hunting scenes to portraits or landscapes, from mirror polishing to the most contemporary surface treatments, the metal jacket of a PB Selection rifle can be decorated with any subject through the four basic techniques of engraving: the classic point and hammer, the burin for shadows and shading, gold embossing and enamelling in various colours.




Each PB Selection case is created in the Atelier in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy, in the same place where the gun is designed, engraved, finished and assembled. Here, Pietro Beretta's Italian craftsmen build each custom-made case from scratch, from the wooden frame to the application of the inner and outer fabric, from the stitching to the pyrography and painting.


Every PB Selection gun owner can choose from a wide range of fabrics, leathers, colours, inserts and graphics for their case to reflect their personality in every way.


Premium class 5 European walnut woods are selected to ensure maximum performance and the unmistakable SO10 look. All woods destined for the stocks of PB Selection rifles undergo scrupulous evaluation and quality control, both by our expert gunsmiths, who in Valle Trompia inherit centuries of knowledge of raw materials, and by the most technologically advanced machinery.


Through several hours of manual work, the blanks are transformed to the shooter's shoulder measurements and slinging style. Knurling machines take care of defining the grip notches of the gun and fore-end with different types of passes, while the natural or polished wood finish is applied by hand, up to 80 coats (two coats of oil per day for 40 days) if Tru-Oil® is chosen.


We create unique, exclusive products: endless possibilities for personalization; 500 years of perfecting our zero tolerance approach and white assembly; top-level performance thanks to the high quality and reliability standards ensured by our industrial power and constant innovation. Discover the ultimate expression of centuries-old Italian gunsmithing art.