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DT11 10th anniversary

The 10-year anniversary of the legendary DT11 platform and its achievements celebrated in 2021 in a commemorative guise.

Ten Years of Success Around the World

There is no shooter in the world, from the inexperienced beginner to the expert champion, who is not aware of the outstanding precision, balance, handling, and durability of DT11 competition shotguns.


To mark 10 years of success, achieved both internationally, in the professional arena, and by amateurs on shooting ranges all over the world, Beretta has created an Anniversary edition of the DT11.


With all the outstanding features of the legendary DT11, the DT11 10th Anniversary has been redesigned in a commemorative guise, featuring meticulous engraving with a modern floral motif and hand polished, mirrored side plates. This model was produced in a limited run of just 350 pieces, divided between Trap, Skeet and Sporting versions. To complete this commemorative edition, the DT11 Anniversary comes with a dedicated dark gray leather case with gold stitching, as does the inscription "DT11 10th Anniversary" shown inside the case on the black fabric lining.

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