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A classic and elegant side by side, luxury down to the last detail.

A Customized Artwork

The side-by-side Beretta Imperiale Montecarlo is an example of what can be achieved when no limits are placed on the virtuosity of the gunsmith and engraver: the result is much more than a work of art, but nothing less than a part of the gun's history. For this reason, the Imperial Monte Carlo is an absolute jewel of Beretta production and is created in very small quantities for the world's most exclusive customers.


Elegant engravings that are the result of hundreds of hours of work by the best artists bearers of a living tradition dating back to the time of Dante and Petrarca adorn the shotgun. Inside, the shotgun is assembled like a bespoke watch: every part is meticulously hand-assembled by craftsmen from northern Italy, who acquired from their fathers and grandfathers the art that has been handed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years now. In short, owning an Imperiale Montecarlo is like owning the modern equivalent of a great original Renaissance sculpture.

Hand-Carved Scale

The bascule features a thin rim that outlines the plates and, together with the unique design of the upper moldings, gives the weapon an elegant appearance due to the balance of its shapes. Spiral decorations, hunting scenes, floral motifs, deep reliefs, mixed-media engraving, portraits, and more: every type of engraving is possible on an Imperiale Monte Carlo. It is executed only by the most experienced master engravers, who dedicate their heart and soul to the project.


Once engraving is completed, the receiver undergoes unique hardening treatments that ensure a high level of durability and strength without altering the appearance of the artwork. The precision triple-turn bush engagement and double pin lock of the Demibloc lugs ensure durability and require minimal force to open the top lever.


The internal parts can be mirror-polished or bejeweled at the discretion of the customer, who can also choose between a double trigger with an articulated front trigger or a single selective trigger. Extractors are manual.

Luxury Finish

Tailor-made to the customer's measurements and using only the finest quality walnut burl, the stock can be made in a variety of shapes: classic or swan-style English stock, pistol grip or half pistol grip; classic forend, splinter, beavertail, or other configurations. An overlying laurel wreath is inlaid with gold, while the stock and forend are finely knurled by hand and numerous coats of oil finish. The end result will amaze even the most refined connoisseur.

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