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SO6 EELL Izumi

Two ancient and noble arts, Italian armory art and the art of Japanese sword forging, come together to achieve perfection and harmony in a single object.

The Project

The Izumi Project celebrates the inspirational principle 'Wa', linking the ancient and noble art of Japanese sword forging with our 500-year tradition of firearms manufacturing. This kanji, 'Wa', created 1300 years ago, expresses the essence of Zen aesthetics: perfection and harmony in all things. This harmony refers not only to form, but also to an inner feeling, an approach to art, work and life.

Master Izumi

Born in 1946 in Tohno, a town in northern Japan, Izumi Koshiro is the most important samurai sword engraver alive today. For the Beretta SO6 EELL he wanted to develop an engraving theme based on the Dragon - revered in eastern culture as a divine mythical creature, a positive symbol of strength and good fortune.As it happens with Katana swords, the dragons engraved on the receiver ensure strength and protection for the shotgun owner and his entire family. On the right side, among the waves, is a sea dragon while on the left side, surrounded by clouds, is a celestial dragon. At the bottom, another sea dragon emerges from the water and flies towards the sky. The dragons are depicted chasing the Dragon Ball, represented as a small golden sphere - the mystical 'sacred pearl' of wisdom, or Yang energy in early Taoism.


This unique set, handcrafted over five years by artisans on two continents, is a tribute to the beauty, craftsmanship, passion and pursuit of perfection that drives our Premium Firearms philosophy. The Izumi Set comes with a beautiful wooden case, designed and handmade in London by David Linley. Refined inlays with a colourful dragon decorate the top of the box. A secret compartment reveals a luxury cleaning kit handmade by Italian craftsman Maurizio Cairola.


The Beretta SO6 EELL, with real batteries on the side, is a rifle for true connoisseurs. The low-profile receiver is sleek and elegant and features a robust bolt-through locking system operating on the Monobloc's integral tenons.

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