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Discover all Beretta products in a catalog that is always updated from year to year. In addition to prices, you can find all the technical features with detailed descriptions of the guns divided by categories of use, the various versions available, and ample space for infographics that make them easy to understand. Not only that: also space to delve into Beretta technologies and "Gun Service packages designed to ensure maximum efficiency and product durability. In short, a comprehensive and indispensable guide to stay up-to-date on Beretta's evolutions and to choose the gun that's right for you. Being able to download the PDF version, and then save it to your device, is very simple: just fill out the form on this page to get access to the download.


A400 Xplor Action

A400 Upland

A400 Ultralite

A400 Lite

486 Parallelo

486 Parallelo EL Tartarugato

486 Parallelo EL

686 Silver Pigeon I

687 Silver Pigeon III

687 EELL Classic

A300 Outlander

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