St James - Glorious 12th

In Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Glorious Twelfth embodies a well-known tradition and represents the official opening of the British Game season with the red grouse, a much prized ‘bag’ for many passionate hunters.

The St James line is entirely devoted to those hunters who enjoy driven hunts for pheasant and red partridge: it owes its creation (and its name) to our staff at the St James Street Beretta Gallery in London, and it stands out for the exclusivity of the materials used as well as the traditional ways in which it is manufactured.



Gentleman Hunt Collection

For the “après-chasse” and your everyday wear, the Vintage Years collection features refined Italian-made garments, with a touch of contemporary elegance and exquisite color.
A wide range of men’s and women’s styles that mixes tradition and innovation with perfect fitting: 2 layers of loden with waterproof membrane, made from elegant wool, velvet and corduroy, with bright lining, and the new Tech-Merino shirts.
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