Italian Wools

Italian Wools




Textile Excellence

The distict of Biella, in the north west of Italy, has for centuries been the birthplace of weavers, producing prestigious wool for tailoring. The top wool mills are now able to provide yarns of unrivalled quality, where tradition takes on a contemporary look while guaranteeing optimal performance levels, achieved through special processes and finishings resulting from expertise, research and innovation.

The jackets shown on these pages are lightweight, the structured and unlined with internal contrasting details.They have been designed, woven and entirely made in Italy, selecting the best quality fabrics to offer you stylish garments, extremely refined and featuring a timeless elegance.

These include:
REDA: SMART TWIST MERINO, Cool fabric in pure Merino wool with special "naturally" stretch feature.
ETHOMAS: Fabric in wool, linen and silk with a compact and lightweight feel.