Urban Camouflage

Urban Camouflage




Sport jacked unined in cotton printed Beretta Urban Camo


Beretta Urban Camo

Camouflage fabrics entered the urban scene when military wear first became popular. Since then, and especially from the 80s onwards, these distinctive patterns have always been in style.

For its lifestyle segment, Beretta has entered this fascinating world with its own pattern. This design is the result of a carefully researched process, based on the company’s on-hand experience in the sphere of functional camouflage.


Cotton and mesh vest with Beretta Urban Camo mesh print

The Beretta shooting vest are studied for the shooters from the biginner to the professional one our costumers can choose the one that fit the best.

Beretta began with a digital camouflage motif created from an advanced study of animal vision and then transformed it into a highly distinctive pattern that expresses the brand’s love for nature and distinguishes it from fleeting fashion trends. It is therefore, not just a graphic process but the result of advanced research into the colours and overlapping shades that are seen by animals.

The resulting pattern is transferred to the fabric by an asymmetric mapping process that creates depth and enhances the natural character of the garments and accessories.
Thanks to Beretta’s camo, the colour tracks of nature and the outdoors can now be enjoyed in town too.