Vintage Bags

Vintage Bags




Unique pieces that tell of the craftsman tradition and excellence of Made in Italy.

Canvas, waxed cotton and tartan fabrics are harmoniously matched with hand brushed and over dyed leather, with the natural colour getting back to the surface with a sort of worn effect. Warm tones of brown come together with the exclusive Beretta urban camo pattern.

Beretta Vintage Years bags collection expresses and wisely matches the secrets of hand work and the painstaking care for each single detail.
The range includes unisex models, such as briefcases or weekender bags, together with male models such as backpacks or traditional men shoulder bags, as well as big shopping bags and three in one backpacks for women.

The Beretta Vintage shoes are completely Made in Italy handmade by a Italian artisan with the best quality leather. Attention to the details and finishing, and the coordinated look with the Vintage Beretta Clothing permit to these line to became unique masterpieces.