Clay target shooting is closely connected with hunting. The sport began in the nineteenth century following the ban on hunting some species of wild birds: over the years, was thus transformed first in Europe with pigeon hunting, then in America with the hobby of hitting glass balls fired by balltraps, that is the ingenious machinery that led to the practice of the current sports, such as Olympic trap and double trap.
Clay target shooting became an Olympic sport in 1900; in 1927, in Italy, the FITAV (Italian Sport Shooting Federation) was founded under the aegis of CONI. It was in 1956 at the Melbourne Games in Australia that Beretta's Olympic adventure began. Cavalier Ugo Gussalli Beretta strongly advocated this commitment and immediately recognized in this sport the summa of the founding values of his company. This commitment grew year on year, with improvements and enhancements in terms of both team of shooters and technologies available. The current choice of champions, the DT11, holds the record for medals won: the shotgun has been refined year after year by the champions for whom Beretta is the supplier of a whole ecosystem (from clothing to technological innovations) to support their global achievements. Behind every shattered clay pigeon there are stories to tell that make the commitment and passion for this sport unique.
There are many different sports and each has different rules and methods: choosing the right shotgun that is balanced in weight and enables fast handling can make all the difference in a competition. Trap (or Olympic Pit) is the main speciality and consists of hitting a target with an unknown and unpredictable trajectory launched from low to high at different angles by target-throwers. Skeet is more complex: the shooter shoots from eight platforms located along a semicircle with a radius of 13.20 meters, with the target-throwers positioned in two cabins at each end, one high on the left (pull) and one on the right (mark).
It is not an Olympic discipline, but as a sport it is very popular among hunters as it is closest thing to actual field hunting. It features a variety of targets (2 with two pairs for each platform) that simulate as closely as possible the flight and movements of wild birds.
This is an exciting, adrenaline-filled sport. One shooter at a time with the sole objective of beating the clock, moving from one shelter to another to take down as many targets as possible. Rapid action with magazines dropping left right and centre. The winner gets the the highest score in the ratio between accuracy of shots and speed of execution: technical skill taken to the extreme.
The perfect shot is nothing to do with luck or chance. It comes from training, perseverance and determination. Preparation is everything. This is certainly the case in firearm training for the sport of defence shooting. In this sport, shooters must maintain a very high and constant level of attention, deploying all their senses to ensure full awareness of everything that is going on around them. It is practised in mixed and stimulating environment (rural, urban or residential; in large or confined spaces). It is essential to stay covered and only lean out to shoot when you are certain of hitting your target. Based on its vast and unique expertise in supplying armies all over the world, Beretta can provide these shooters with the widest range of firearms availablle today.
Beretta offers the right combination of technical firearm characteristics and correct handling and swing for every sporting activity: for example, the balance of the gun for Trap Shooting is designed to ensure the correct inertia of shooter movement, favouring the distribution of mass towards the muzzle.
For the Olympic Skeet, we use lightweight barrels to guarantee very rapid handling and movement. The stock, the pistol and the recoil pad are designed especially for these needs. For American Skeet, we change the shape of the stock and the recoil pad, as well as the weights and balances, which are closer to sporting models.
Sporting shotguns typically need to change chokes often due to the variety of targets to be hit during the competition. In Sporting Clays, the weight distribution of the shotgun is designed to achieve almost neutral balance on the hinge pin.
Find your ideal Beretta shotgun for target shooting, and the most accurate and efficient pistols for practical or defence shooting.
  • DT11
    The DT11 is Beretta’s top-of-the-line competition shotgun, used by the world’s absolute best clay shooters. It is built around a vault-tough cross-bolt action, a whole 3mm wider than its predecessor’s (the DT10) and therefore stronger and even more durable. The trigger has a truly custom feel, breaking at a crisp 3 ½ lbs--which minimizes muscular interference with your swing and results in many more broken targets. The center-mass of the DT11 is designed to be low and coaxial with the bottom barrel, giving this shotgun unmatched stability and greatly reducing muzzle rise.
  • 694
    Designed and tested in collaboration with the Beretta Shooting Team, 694 is the new over-and-under platform designed specifically for competition shooting, with a precise objective in mind: to help shooters increase their success rate. Thanks to a meticulous mechanical and ergonomic design process, the 694 represents a perfectly balanced over-and-under competition shotgun. Natural and immediate when shouldering, it features a precise swing and it’s easy to control. The new shape of the action and the stock provide increased field of vision, while the new forend iron system allows the user to maintain the opening load constant over time, and the Steelium Plus barrels guarantee a dense, uniform pattern every time. The slim, modern design lends the 694 a ""racing"" feel, for a bold, winning look.
  • Silver Pigeon III Sporting
    The Silver Pigeon I Sporting offers all the functional features of our premium over-under competition shotguns at a particularly attractive price. It is built around the best-in-class 686 action, which is compact and low-profile while being extremely strong. The Optima-Bore, Optima-Choke barrels are light-weight and place the shotgun’s point of balance right at the hinge-pin, meaning lively feel in the hands and natural pointability.
  • 92X Performance
    The 92X Performance was created to satisfy two requirements: Speed and accuracy. Beretta's new competition pistol is uncompromising and aims for top performance, offering the world of competitive dynamic shooting one of the most reliable and world-renowned locking systems, together with a steel frame, a heavier Brigadier slide and the new Extreme-S trigger mechanism.
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