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This kanji, “Wa”, created 1300 years ago, expresses the essence of
the Zen aesthetic – the perfection and harmony in all things. It goes
far beyond aesthetics. This harmony refers not only to form, but
also to an internal feeling, to an approach to art, to work and to life.
The Izumi Project celebrates the “Wa” inspiring principle,
linking together the antique, noble art of the forging of Japanese
Swords with our 500 years of heritage in firearms manufacturing.
This one-of-a-kind set, hand made over five years by artisans on two
continents, is an homage to beauty, to craftsmanship, to passion, and to
the pursuit of perfection, which drives our Premium Guns philosophy.

Franco Gussalli Beretta





Born in 1946, in Tohno City located in the north of Japan, Izumi
is the most important Samurai sword engraver alive today.
For the Beretta SO6 EELL he wanted to develop an engraving
theme based on the Dragon – revered in the Oriental culture as
a divine mythical creature, positive symbol of strength and good
fortune. The dragons engraved on the receiver ensure power and
protection to the owner of the shotgun and to all his family, as it
is with Katana Swords. On the right side of the receiver in the
waves is a Sea Dragon, on the left side surrounded by clouds is
a Celestial Dragon, and on the bottom is another Sea Dragon
emerging from the water to fly into the sky. Dragons are depicted
chasing the Dragon Ball, rendered as a small gold sphere – the
mystical “sacred pearl” of wisdom, or Yang energy in early Taoism.
Techniques used by Master Izumi are slightly different from
the ones used in traditional shotgun engraving. They include:
Shitabori (preliminary engraving), Hori (chiseling), Zogan (gold
inlay), Kebori (chipping), Uchidashi (bossing), Namekuri (scaling),
and Migaki (polishing).





The Beretta SO6 EELL, a true side-lock, is a shotgun for connoisseurs


Tanto is the dagger carried by Samurai starting from the Heian period (794 A.D.)


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