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The Beretta Trident Program

BTP_LogoThe Beretta Trident Program is the first and only system to rate shooting sports venues. Not an endorsement for purchase, “Tridents” are awarded for excellence – like Michelin® stars are for restaurants.

While emphasizing the outstanding hunting or shooting experience, the evaluation system recognizes and rates everything from the food on the table to the kennels for the dogs. A Beretta Trident venue represents the best of the best, with only 5% of destinations worldwide considered good enough to merit even one Trident.

While each place has its own unique personality, they all share – with Beretta – two overarching themes: a commitment to excellence and a genuine, authentic passion for the sporting life.

The Rating Scale



ONE TRIDENT: Indicates that a shooting sports venue is among the top end of similar venues around the world. Its available amenities and activities are all of exceedingly high quality. Every operation earning a Trident Rating ensures that the hunting/shooting experience is exceptional.



TWO TRIDENTS: Includes all the assets of a One Trident. Two Trident shooting sports venues offer a superlative selection of programs and amenities at quality levels far exceeding industry standards. Any venue carrying Two Tridents promises that the amenity package will be every bit the equal of their field sport experience.



THREE TRIDENTS: Includes all the assets of a One and Two Trident location. A Three Trident designation indicates the pinnacle of shooting sports venues. This establishment offers an extensive array of activities and amenities that are the very best the shooting sportsman can expect to experience. A Three Trident establishment has proven to be the best of the very best.