Anthony Matarese


Anthony Matarese, Jr. has been shooting Beretta for more than 10 years, shooting sporting clays and FITASC.

He’s currently shooting a DT-11 at his home course near his home in Pennsville, New Jersey. Anthony is a young person for someone who has been shooting for 20 years, but says he has grown up around guns in the family. His experience is so deep and broad, that he is now a fulltime shooting instructor. Anthony

Anthony has an impressive shooting resume, having made it to the podium at World FITASC three times, and as the only American to do so in the last 5 years. He also won at both Nationals and the US Open in the same year. His biggest competition goals are to return triumphant to World FITASC, and to be a World Sporting Champion.

A consummate outdoorsman, Anthony enjoys hunting and fishing, as well as spending time shooting and teaching others through his love of the sport.