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Beretta 686 Onyx Pro Field

The 686 Onyx Pro Field features premium, oil-finished walnut stock and fore end and the gloss-finished blued receiver with gold P. Beretta engraving, ... Read More

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Model Code
Model Name
Barrel Lenght
$ 4300.00
3" and 2 ¾"
20 and 28
686 ONYX PRO FIELD 28/28
$ 3100.00
2 ¾"
686 ONYX PRO FIELD 20/28
$ 3100.00
686 ONYX PRO FIELD 12/28
$ 3100.00
Gauge 12202820-28 Combo
Barrel length (cm) 71717171
Barrel length (in) 28282828
Chamber (mm) 76767076mm on 20ga, 70mm on 28ga
Chamber (in) 332.753" on 20ga, 2.75" on 28ga
Lylium NNNN
Rib 6x66x66x66x6
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Beretta 686 Onyx Pro Field

The 686 Onyx Pro Field hunting shotgun has all the functional features of our premium over-unders at a particularly attractive price.
The premium, oil-finished walnut stock and fore end complement the gloss-finished blued receiver with gold P. Beretta engraving, not found on other 686 Silver Pigeon models.
At its heart, it has the best-in-class 686 action, which is compact and low-profile while being extremely strong. Besides 12 and 20 gauge, this shotgun is also available with beautifully scaled-down actions for 28 gauge for a true premium-grade experience. Whether you take it to an upland hunt or to the clay range, the 686 Onyx Pro  gives you the flawless performance and the classic looks of a Beretta.
The 686 Onyx Pro Field is built on the legendary 686 action, a long-standing favorite among hunters and competitive shooters. It features two conical locking lugs at mid-action, right between the barrels, giving it great locking strength and durability while keeping the action’s profile considerably lower.
Choke Tubes
The advantage is that the eye of the shooter is a lot closer to the plane of his supporting hand: considerably better swing and hand-eye coordination.
The 12- or 20-gauge Silver Pigeon has impressed countless hunters for its efficient dimensions and fast handling. But if you see and bring to your shoulder a 686 Onyx Pro in 28 gauge, you will be doubly impressed by the premium feel of the petite action. These are scaled down to fit the smaller gauges without any extra weight or bulkiness--something that you normally find in shotguns prices several times as much as this.
While not as elaborately decorated as our premium shotguns, the 686 Onyx Pro has all the elegance that you can expect from a Beretta.
The beautiful oil-finished stock sports a beautiful and crisp checkering pattern, and the Schnabel fore-end adds to the classic flavor of this over-under.
The glossy blued receiver is adorned with P. Beretta gold engraving blends perfectly with the stock and contributes to the gun’s graceful lines. This is a shotgun that has all the elements of a treasured heirloom.

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Elegant and smooth shooting shotgun

I have had the pleasure of owning and shooting this shotgun for over 23 years. I have really improved my clay shooting and have also hunted dove, duck, snipe and goose here in the beautiful rice fields. I also have taught my Son to shoot with it and he really prefers it over his automatic shotgun. There are no moving parts with this over n under and we can booth concentrate on the shooting without the automatic shotgun receiver moving back and forth. It is a very sturdy shotgun with a perfect weight that allows us to point easily and swing on our shots without hardly any recoil. I had it fitted to my specs which incidentally fits my Son too. We have really enjoyed our memories together shooting clays and hunting where the best shots were made with it as our perfect tool. We enjoyed shooting with it soo much that I purchased two silver pigeons in a 20 gauge version mostly because I got older, the lighter shotgun is easier to carry when dove hunting and quail hunting.