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Beretta Celebrates Milestone Pistol Anniversaries

January 16, 2015 05:26 PM

This new year is a time of celebration for Beretta. 2015 marks two significant anniversaries in the company’s history, with its first-ever semiautomatic pistol turning one hundred and the M9 completing three decades at the side of the U.S. Military.

Beretta’s history, documented as early as 1526, is rich with important markers that have revolutionized not only the industry, but also the way people think of firearms. As of this year, Beretta has been producing semiautomatic pistols for an entire century. One hundred years ago as Italy entered the Great War, Beretta introduced the Model 1915 pistol. Immediately adopted by the Italian Military, the Model 1915 contained many of the visual and mechanical features carried forward into today’s Beretta handguns, including the M9.

“It’s interesting to consider how history repeated itself thirty years ago on a massive scale when the Beretta M9 was adopted by the U.S. Military,” noted Ryan Muety, VP Premium and Brand Marketing. “And just as the Model 1915 evolved into the M9, the M9 itself is further progressing into new variants, such as the Beretta M9A3.”

“While it is important to celebrate milestones, it is even more important to never rest on one’s laurels,” continued Muety. “Beretta is committed to continue making history by aggressively pushing the boundaries of engineering and technology to produce the best handguns the military, police and concealed-carry permit holders could wish for.”

The one hundred year timeline is punctuated with historically significant pistols including the Beretta Model 92. Also a direct descendant of the Model 1915, with its open-slide design and distinctive front end, it is among several Beretta pistols that have become pop-culture icons. Who can forget James Bond’s issue Beretta 418 or Mel Gibson’s and Bruce Willis’ 92? It can also be said that the seed planted with the Beretta Model 1915 has blossomed into the autopistol silhouette that most of America recognizes today.
Many of these pistols, including the Model 1915 and the M9A3 will be on view in the Beretta booth (#13956) during the SHOT Show. 

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