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Beretta USA Enters the Precision Long Range Field

Beretta USA is pleased to announce our entrance into the precision long range competitive field through our corporate sponsorship of recent competitions. 
As the sport of long distance shooting evolves, Beretta continues to offer a full array of supremely accurate guns to fit every budget. Beretta is equipping sport shooters, SWAT officers, law enforcement officers, elite military units, and long/extra-long-range shooters with our product lines of the Tikka TAC A1, Sako TRG, and Victrix Armaments. 
Featuring an all-aluminum machined stock capable of withstanding NATO’s tortuous drop tests, Tikka’s TAC A1 is the perfect precision firearm for both beginners and production class shooters. An open class gun at a production class price, this rifle features a hard-wearing cold hammer forged barrel and silky-smooth action and is available in .308 Win, .206 Rem, and 6.5 Creedmoor with various barrel lengths. 
Our Sako TRG rifle line is currently equipping snipers in law enforcement and elite military units in 19 different countries. This line centers around the brands’ flagship model, the multicaliber M10, and now includes fixed caliber choices for the TRG 42 and 22 as well as the new TRG 42 A1 and 22A1. 
Recently, Beretta has sponsored numerous sniper challenge matches including the 2018 Bushnell Elite Sniper Challenge and the 2018 Steel City Precision Challenge. 
The 2018 Bushnell Elite Sniper Challenge in Clinton, SC comprised of 49 two-man teams who competed in a 3-day ruck-style competition that recreated some of the most prominent sniper engagements in history. These simulations included ‘Black Hawk Down’ style situations such as shooting from a rolled over car and out of a wrecked helicopter. 
Beretta has also recently sponsored the inaugural Honey Badger Classic, which is a sporting clays tournament that benefits the Green Beret Foundation. 
“Beretta, through our rifles companies of Sako, Tikka & Victrix, has always supported the professional sniper in both the Military and Law Enforcement community and as competitive precision shooting has rapidly increased in popularity, we are excited to be stepping up our commitment to serious rifleman to the same level.  Beretta has something to offer shooters across the board, beginning with what we consider the finest out of the box Production Class rifle with the introduction of the Tikka TAC A1, to the Corvus .50 cal from Victrix Armaments, which brings new levels of excellence to the ELR community. Beretta is proud to sponsor many matches that benefit military charities and promote such a great spirit of friendship and competition and look forward to continuing to grow those relationships over the coming years,” Phillip Jones, Rifles, Over/Under Shotguns, Premium Shotguns, and Ammunition Product Manager at Beretta USA, said.

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