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5 out of 5

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Love this gun

This is a really nice gun. Very tight groups. I’ve had my M9 22 since Dec 2020 and fired over 1000 rounds with only 1 failure to eject. This was just range ammo of several different makes. I love shooting this gun and so do my grandkids. I have several hand guns of varying types and calibers, and this gun gets fired the most, and not just because 22 cal is cheaper. The longer barrel and decent sights make it fun, and it looks kind of bad ass even though it’s a 22. I noticed a review that mentioned the terrible users manual instructions on assembly and disassembly. I agree. If I weren’t familiar with field stripping guns, I might be frustrated too. BERETTA, it doesn’t take much effort to make a decent manual. You make great guns!! Show some effort and hire someone that has a little talent to put together a manual that can make field stripping clear to those who need a little instruction. .

5 out of 5

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Fun and well made

I have had this gun for about two years. It is well made and fun to shoot. Love that it is 15 rnd instead of the usual 10 that most other 22lr models are and is full size like its 9mm brother. Also purchased a thread barrel and with a can on it is amazingly quiet and hearing safe but you might need taller sights depending on your can diameter. I would buy this gun again if I had it to do over again.

5 out of 5

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Just got mine today - right from the box took it to the range shooting 100 rounds of Eley Sport standard velocity. Not a single misfire, feed issue, etc. However, what surprised me the most for a new gun - I was able to keep 3" group free standing at 15 yards! After the first couple of shots that I landed at the upper rim of the 3" target I adjusted my sight picture and manage to keep all shots on the target. Very happy with this purchase.

5 out of 5

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Best 22 LR

I fired only 300 rounds, no problems at all, I replaced the grips for rubber, finger molded, big difference, I love this gun before I purchase it, and now I am so happy I have it...

5 out of 5

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Brand New Problems

This is a new weapon that I have field stripped, cleaned, and now attempting to put back together. Instructions and photos in owners manual are not clear. I have not located a video for this particular weapon. I'm getting frustrated.

5 out of 5

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Probably the best 22 semi-auto available

I have several of the M9/92FSR .22RF pistols and have literally run thousands of rounds through them, mostly through the M9 model. They are rugged, reliable, very accurate and with a threaded barrel installed are one of the best .22 suppressor host pistols available. Not to mention the 15+1 rd capacity. I've run bulk box ammo through these guns with no jams or issues. The gun seems to feed any brand/type/bullet wt of .22 RF without problem. Almost no other .22 handguns will perform as well. Besides using at the range, this pistol makes a great field gun when hunting, hiking, fishing, etc. Also, since it is a copy of the 9mm version, grips, holsters, sights are all readily available. I can't speak highly enough of the pistol. Words of caution regarding some of the other comments. Don't dry fire this or any other 22RF. You will damage/break the firing pin and peen the chamber opening by doing so. Don't take the handgun apart past basic field strip unless you are competent.

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5 out of 5

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Fun to shoot

I have two of these. They have been very reliable. They are not real picky about ammo but I find CCI works especially well. I did have one that had a major failure after 3 years and probably close to 10,000 rounds. About 8 weeks after I sent it in for repair I received a call that they were replacing it with a new one. The new pistol was at my FFL two days later. I am guessing that the 8 week time frame was related to covid employee shortage, but I don't know that for sure. Love the 15 round magazines!

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5 out of 5
A low cost alternative.

I own a 92 FS that I enjoy shooting, but wanted an alternative that was cheaper to shoot. I purchased the M9 22 LR for that purpose. What a fun gun to shoot. It feels and acts like the 92 FS but uses the cheaper 22 LR. I can shoot about 3 times as much ammo for the same price. I had upgraded my 92 FS to wooden grips and then put the rubber grips from that gun on the M9. The rubber grips make a nice upgrade. Subtle but a real improvement over the standard plastic grips.

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5 out of 5
22 LR M9 in FDE

I think this is a Fabulous gun for training purposes. Fits my hands, easy to shoot, SA/DA Hammer fired, w/ safety, and "cheap" ammo...

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