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Silver Pigeon 1

The pistol-grip stock and forend of the new 686 Silver Pigeon I are manufactured from selected, oil-finished walnut and are finely chequered for impro ... Read More

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Gauge 12
Barrel length (cm) 67/71/76
Barrel length (in) 26/28/30
Chamber (mm) 76
Chamber (in) 3"
Choke OCHP
Historical N
Lylium Y
Rib 6x6
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686 Silver Pigeon I

The pistol-grip stock and forend of the new 686 Silver Pigeon I are manufactured from selected, oil-finished walnut and are finely chequered for improved grip, even in the rain. The stock is available with a 36.5/57.5  drop in both a right- and left-handed version. Additionally, the forend is available in Schnabel or rounded version. The Microcore® recoil pad ensures comfortable, accurate shouldering and safe, stable support when shooting.


The 686 Silver Pigeon I’s receiver, which is derived from the legendary 680 series, features a slim, elegant shape, characterised by the tried-and-tested locking system with iconic trapezoid shoulders and dual conical locking lugs. The engravings are created using modern Beretta technology, namely a 5-axis laser, capable of engraving rounded surfaces while maintaining perfect continuity in the design.


The theme, created by Beretta’s Master Engravers, takes the form of an elegant floral motif, embellished with images reflective of the region, such as leaves and grapes on the vine; and extends to the action release, making it more visually appealing as well as providing perfect grip during use.


The gun features a gold-coloured single selective trigger. The selector is located on top of the safety tang, allowing the user to select the barrel for the first shot with a simple, rapid sideways movement.
The ultra-reliable and sturdy ejection system is the tried-and-tested version used on the 680 platform. This boast more than a million guns in use over the course of more than 30 years.


The new 686 Silver Pigeon I also features Steelium Optima Bore HP barrels in tri-alloy Beretta steel on the 12 and 20 gauge hunting version. They are available in lengths of 26, 28 and 30 inches, featuring deep drilling, cold hammer forging and vacuum relieving. The geometry of the Optima-Bore HP, with its 80-millimetre double forcing cone is designed to offer outstanding performance, even with steel shot. The pattern remains perfect and uniform irrespective of cartridge type, thanks also to the use of the 70 mm long Optima Choke HP chokes. The 28 and .410 gauge versions are fitted with the traditional Beretta barrels with 50mm Mobil Chokes.
The 6x6 vented top rib with precise non-reflective chequering and traditional steel front bead is a clear reference to the most exclusive Beretta over-and-under shotguns. The Sporting version features a 10x8 rib and ventilated side ribs.

•    Microcore® recoil pad
•    Selected, oil-finished walnut wood
•    Laser-engraved action adorned with grapes on the vine and iconic Beretta trident logo
•    76mm chamber - 3 inches
•    Steelium Optima Bore HP barrels
•    Optima Choke HP chokes

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A wonderful shotgun and one that performs great. I own nine other shotguns and this one is best design and I consider it a family hair loom status. For a shotgun that meets the needs of hunting and clays and one you will be proud to won this is the one. Beretta has done a fine job with the Silver Pigeon and I plan to by another.

5 out of 5

7 out of 7 people found the following review helpful

Great shotgun!

I picked the shotgun up to shoot sporting clays with. I really like the traditional look and feel of this gun. You have to admit it is beautiful. The shotgun mounts easily and swings smooth. This is great Shotgun to practice sporting clays. I shot my average score the first time I used it. I also noticed that this helps improve my scoring with my 12 gauge. That aside, it is a really fun gun to shoot. I think this is a great purchase, and will last me for years to come. I do wish it came with a skeet and light modified choke, But they can be picked up online.