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We're celebrating turkey hunting season with a giveaway you'll remember well-after you've eaten your last gobbler.

Every week, on our Facebook page, we're going to post a turkey hunting photo that our friends at HeadHunters TV shared with us. See it, like it, share it or comment on it, and you'll be automatically entered to win a $250 gift card to spend on anything you want in our estore.

Every Tuesday a new photo, every photo a new winner.Win-an-A400-Xtreme

Not enough, you say? How about checking in for the grand prize? On the last Tuesday of April, we're closing our Turkey Tuesday month by giving away the king of all turkey-slayers: an A400 Xtreme signed by the gang at HeadHunters TV. Make sure you tune in every week, for a chance to win a $250 gift card, or an A400 Xtreme!

Gobble gobble!

As you're waiting for next week's photo, check out Nate Hosie's Turkey Diary...

Week 1 - Nothing Like the first Ones of Spring

Turkey-Tuesday-SmallGrowing up in Montdale PA there was nothing I look forward to more than when the ridges would light up with gobbling turkeys.

Turkey Season is hands down my favorite time of the year! Now I love to hunt anything and everything but there is just something about the interaction of turkey hunting and the art of calling a turkey that for me it puts it above all the rest.

Over the last few years I have been beyond blessed to be

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Week 2 - The First Bird


There's nothing like the first bird of the spring! I kicked off my 2014 season in Louisiana a couple of weeks ago and was lucky enough to connect on an awesome bird on the second day of the hunt.

It took a bit of persuading from the thunder chicken decoy but finally we were able to pull this bird into range of my Beretta A400 Xtreme!!

No doubt an awesome way to kick this turkey season off!


Week 4 - Beretta's Boomin in the Hometown

Week4b-smallOf all the places we are blessed to hunt throughout the country there is nothing like opening day in your home state! For me I still get butterflies each and every night before I go to bed in anticipation of the hunt in the morning. It's tradition that every opening day I share the turkey woods with my wife Tiffany. This year was no different. The two of us headed out, Berettas in hand and got after em! After a little bit of a slow start, we finally fired up 3 big ole PA ridge runners who made the mistake of stepping in front of her Beretta and the rest his history.

I was beyond proud of her and her ability to shoot a turkey is one of the main reasons I married her LOL she is bad news with a Beretta in hand! Today is the first monday of our season here in PA and truly couldn't have been a better morning, I yelped up  a big ole long beard right off the roost and let my A400 Xtreme go to work. I love to turkey hunt and love to chase them in my home state of PA.

Hunting is a blessing and I am thankful for the sport hunting and I am so blessed to enjoy it and do it for a living. Thank you to all of you for the continued support we wish you nothing but the best! Happy Hunting!