"007 James Bond" 


"Then, in April 1953, shortly after D’Annunzio was thus honoured by Beretta, there was a surprise endorsement from another great twentieth-century man of action. (…)  the world’s most famous secret (nominally, at least) agent, James Bond, made his debut in a novel called Casino Royale."
Bond was a connoisseur and his firearm of choice was a Beretta. Moreover, even though his boss may have believed that he needed something with more heft, the pocket-sized Beretta pistol that you can wear without spoiling the line of your dinner jacket has many supporters, who counter that, if placed accurately, a bullet from a small-calibre pistol can be just as effective as one fired from a larger handgun. 


Certainly the author of The Gun Digest Book of Beretta Pistols believes so: “Fine accuracy and extreme reliability make the Beretta the .25 caliber pistol of choice in my book. A lot of these very small guns are prone to malfunction. The .25 Berettas are not. No more reliable pistol has ever been manufactured in the caliber.
Indeed, Ugo Gussalli Beretta says that in the 1950s, his grandfather, Pietro Beretta, also had a strong preference for the “Bond gun,” the Model 418. “I remember my grandfather carried his Model 418 everywhere, even keeping it on his bed-table at night.”9 He remembers, even then, thinking that his grandfather’s personal gold-plated and hand-engraved handgun was a thing of beauty—unlike Bond’s utilitarian model.(...) Spacer--white


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