"The digital era, the information age-whatever name it is given, it is hard to think of an area of human life that has not been touched by the immense technological changes that have occurred in less than a single human generation." (...) 
"Perhaps the most eloquent testimonial to the forward thinking of the fivehundred-year-old company came in March 1996 with the registering of the Beretta.it domain and in March 1997 Beretta.com. Among the other .com domains registered in September of 1997 was one belonging to a strangely named American company: Google.com.
By 2011 (….) the iGun, made Beretta “the first firearm manufacturer to introduce advanced digital technologies and sensors into a firearm, to detect and transfer information about its use.”


That same year saw the launch of GunPod, an electronic counting system built into the stock creating “the first hunting shotgun with a built-in electronic shot counter.”4 Four years later, in 2015, GunPod 2 was launched.

GunPod 2 

Using the “connected” concept of an object in close bodily contact with the owner communicating with the user’s smartphone to collect and analyse data such as number of shots fired, distance covered, and more, GunPod 2 was launched in the same year as the Apple Watch.
“Hunting is evolving, pushed by products unlocking new hunters’ potential through innovation,” explains Franco Gussalli Beretta, who believes that the outdoorsman will benefit from remarkable developments in years to come.

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Beretta celebrates its first 490 years
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