92G-SD: A Legend Among Tactical Pistols

Designed in conjunction with top-personnel of the US Army Special Forces, the Beretta 92G-SD is one of the most sought-after combat pistols ever developed.


It is now back in 2015 by popular demand, as part of Beretta’s celebrating 30 years of the M9, and offering all the tactical features that made its fantastic reputation. Heavy Brigadier slide, G-style decocker-only lever, replaceable night sights, extended mag-release button, beveled mag-well, Picatinny rail ... yes, it’s all there. Whether it is for concealed carry, police, VIP-protection work or any other tactical activity including competition, the 92G-SD will perform on a par with its legendary status, with the additional bonus of giving its owner Beretta-sized bragging rights. 

Heavy-Brigadier-SlideHeavy Brigadier Slide

One of the most prized features of the 92G-SD is its Brigadier slide. This slide configuration is instantly recognizable by the two swells on either side of the barrel, located roughly in the center of the pistol, which add weight to the slide without altering the balance. The two main benefits of this slide configuration are 1) that it makes the pistol even more durable and rugged and 2) that it minimizes felt recoil and muzzle jump, making follow-up shots even quicker on target.  



G-Style Decocker-Only Lever, Replaceable Night Sightsdovetail-mounted

The Brigadier slide of the 92G-SD accommodates two important features. One is the G-style decocker-only lever that many combat professionals favor over a more traditional safety-decocker function. The reason for this preference is that a decocker-only lever eliminates the need for one additional action--disengaging the safety--upon unholstering and firing. The other is the replaceable night sights, which are dovetail-mounted and offer the user the capability of replacing them with a variety of after-market variants.  


Beveled-Magazine-WellA Variety of Premium Features

This model comes packed with a variety of additional features usually found in customized combat handguns costing much more in terms of money and lead-time. To make magazine changes quick and intuitive without taking your eyes off the target, the magazine well is aggressively beveled and the mag-release button extended for a positive feel. Gripping the 92G-SD is also positive, thanks to the deep, crisp grooving and checkering on the front- and backstrap. A Picatinny rail extends in front of the trigger guard, enabling the attachment of a variety of tactical accessories. And lastly, the crowned target barrel offers premium-level accuracy right out of the box. All this, plus the obsessive attention to detail that goes into producing a Beretta tactical pistol, make the 92G-SD a jewel among combat handguns, a joy to own and an experience to shoot.


Serie 90  pistols

Action Single/Double
Barrel length (mm) 125
Barrel length (in) 4.9
Caliber 9x19 (PARA)
Magazine 17
Overall heigth (mm) 137
Overall heigth (in) 5.4
Overall length (mm) 217
Overall length (in) 8.5
Overall width (mm) 38
Overall width (in) 1.5
Weight unloaded (g) 945
Weight unloaded (OZ) 33.3

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