APX A1 Full Size



The APX A1 takes the proven ergonomics and reliability of the APX family to the next level with integrated features derived from feedback from military, law enforcement, and tactical shooters. It aims for the highest levels in performance, safety, and quality to operate for any shooter in the field. Beretta passed every stringent test of the US Army MHS program with its APX pistol candidate and is used by professionals on the ground in more than 20 countries.


A crisp, class-dominating trigger features a light pull, clean break, and a quick reset for fast target engagements.

Beretta APX A1 Full Size


The red-dot optic ready slide lets you easily add a wide range of optics to your training or home defense setup for quicker target acquisition and better peripheral vision when it matters most.

Beretta APX A1 Full Size


Deep aggressive slide serrations let you rack, and press check even in extreme conditions. The Aquatech Shield coating improves corrosion and chemical resistance, while the black serrated rear sight and tritium front sight gives the perfect sight picture in any lighting conditions.

Beretta APX A1 Full Size


Ambidextrous controls adjust to right and wrong-handed shooters, with both the slide and mag release able to be easily setup depending on the shooter’s needs.


The 360-degree extended textures are right where your hands use the greatest amount of pressure, and enhanced stippling gives you a more consistent grip every time. Improved Ergonomics include a higher undercut trigger guard, longer beaver tail, and modular grip panels for length of pull and palm-swell customization. All these features help maximize surface contact and achieve a higher-tang grip for a more natural shooting position and better recoil control.


The modular frame comes with three integrated backstraps so it can contour to the hands of any shooter in minutes for a better feel, lower bore axis, and greater recoil management. 

Beretta APX A1 Full Size


Action Striker-fired
Barrel length (mm) 108
Barrel length (in) 4.25
Caliber 9mm
Firing Mechanism Semiauto
Grip Width 1.06"
Magazine 10 - 15 - 17
Overall heigth (mm) 142
Overall heigth (in) 5.6
Overall length (mm) 190
Overall length (in) 7.5
Overall width (mm) 33.1
Overall width (in) 1.3
Sight radius (in) 6.1
Sight radius (mm) 155
Weight unloaded (g) 820
Weight unloaded (OZ) 29

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