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Women Jackets

The Light St James is a range of clothing designed for those who prefer a more traditional look. Stylish, yet elegant, the wool and linen blend is perfect for the warmer climates that have characterised recent seasons. However, thanks to the water repellent and stain resistant Teflon® treatment you will never be caught out by an unexpected shower! Being Italian made but with hints of the English driven shoot, the Light St James is perfectly tailored giving you a touch of contemporary elegance. The women's garments are expressly designed to dress the feminine shape, enhancing it and offering optimal comfort and unparalleled style.

St James Jacket

The St James Cotton Woman garments are realized in comfort cotton, with elegant but functional cuts, perfect for huntresses that look for a refined and distinctive style. They are all water repellent, thanks to the Teflon®treatmentThe coat is completely waterproof and breathable, realized with the BWB EVO- Beretta Waterproof Breathable membrane freely inserted between the outer fabric and the inner CoolMax®lining. These clothes for women are specifically studied to enhance the female shape.





The 2017 Beretta Spring/Summer collection is designed around your movements. Made from lightweight, resistant, stretchable and breathable fabrics, to guarantee extra freshness and freedom of movement.
The cuts and deconstructed tailoring are simple and clean, for clothes that are so comfortable you hardly feel them at all. Pockets, adjustments and final touches are based on functionality rather than
fashion, to respond to needs tested in the field. This is clothing and accessories that invite you to go out and refind your true self, your natural state of mind.