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tacticalNo room for compromise. Because lives depend on it.

Under pressure…under fire…but never underprepared. Mid-mission or op is no time to question your gear. Too much is at stake. Missions hinge on—and lives depend on—the right training, the right skills, and the right gear. There is no room for compromise.

No one understands better than Beretta because we live it. We have hundreds of years of feedback from the battlefield and the streets under our belt.



tactical_2The same passion and painstaking attention to detail that goes into making the world’s finest rifles goes into our tactical equipment. From head to toe, our tactical apparel is designed to meet the demanding requirements of frontline personnel.

We proudly put our 500 years of tradition, craftsmanship and innovation to work ensuring our specially-designed clothing and gear is flexible, comfortable and completely up to the task. Every piece designed with the worst-case scenario in mind and your success first and foremost.

Concentrate on the mission, we’ve taken care of the rest.

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